EVS Vacancy in Czech Republic – 10 months

Host: Rodice Smysluplne skoly: http://www.zs-ln.cz/Czech Rep2

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Deadline: 16/01/2015

Start: 01/09/2015

End: 01/07/2016

Civic Association Rodiče Smysluplné školy o. s.(“Parents of a meaningful school”)
Characteristics of the association:
Civic Association was founded in primary and nursery school Lyčkovo náměstí (Prague, the Czech Republic) in 2010 from the initiative of parents who wanted to bring a new dimension into leisure time of pupils after regular school lessons and at the same time to show that school itself can be a space for spending leisure time. Therefore, the association supports leisure and cultural activities of primary and nursery school Lyčkovo náměstí and cooperates on organization of events associated with the school life, especially garden parties, playing board games, collecting old clothes, assists in implementation of event “Lighting up the Christmas tree”, etc. Civic association also supports activities for children by fundraising in a form of grants – for example to support activities of the school club.
Primary and nursery school Lyčkovo náměstí: http://www.zs-ln.cz/
School characteristics:
The organisation „Parents of a Meaningful School” is located in school which was built already in 1906 in Karlín (Prague 8). The school together with the association supports leisure activities (after-school childcare, school club, leisure-time courses) and last but not least, develops partnership with parents. The school is attended by approximately 450 pupils.

SCHOOL CLUB: https://www.facebook.com/skolniklubnalyckarne
THE SCHOOL CLUB WHERE WE WILL HOST AN EVS VOLUNTEER is located in the school itself and serves to children as a place for spending their free time.
Objectives of the school club :
Offer meaningful way of spending leisure time, supporting prevention of pathological phenomena, development of skills and talents, supporting pupils´ independence and responsibility, help in the formation of personality, encouraging positive emotions, developing the ability to cooperate and respect the work of others.

The program of the club is planned in such a way that pupils cooperate with each other, but they also learn to rely on themselves and develop their competences. Its main mission is to fulfil the following functions: relaxing, educational, social and regenerative.

The activities of the school club are following: organizing regular team games in school (gym, outdoor playground), cooking etc.


Volunteers will assist with organizing leisure activities organized by civic organization, school and school club. The main content of volunteers´ work (about 70 % of the time) will be cooperating with educators in creation and implementation of the program of the school club for children between 9 and 15 years. Volunteers will cooperate in the preparation and organization of various sub-activities, such as English through playing, sport activities (tournaments, matches in sports), collective games to develop competencies (collaboration, emotional development…), workshops – topics such as recycling, cooking, handicrafts, educational activities – non-formal education,the documentation of these activities etc. Most of the time, volunteers will work on weekdays from 12 to 5 p. m.. However, it is possible that some of the activities will take place on weekends or holidays. Another role of the volunteers (about 20 % of the time) will be to cooperate on workshops / creative workshops in after-school club (for children between 6-9 years old) which take place once a week. Irregular activities of volunteers (about 10 % of the time) will be participatation in the organization and assistance in the implementation of activities of our civic association such as the Garden Party. Volunteers will also be given the opportunity to share their experience as EVS volunteers with children from second grade of primary school through discussion,etc.


An initiative, self-confident, creative, motivated person and interested in work with children and youth.Volunteers should preferably have good English language knowledge.


If you are interested in this EVS project, please send CV, motivation letter and our filled application form to zdenek.hendrych@zs-ln.cz OUR APPLICATION FORM IS REQUIRED! CANDIDATES WITHOUT APPLICATION FORM WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!


Themes: Youth leisure, Youth sports
Targets: Youth and children, Local Community