EVS vacancy in Germany – 12 months

Contact person: Ekkehard LippoldGermany2

Coordinating organisation: Steinbeis Innovation Centre European Projects

Host: Seniorenzentrum St. Raphael: http://www.sizep.eu

Location: Titisee-Neustadt, Germany

Deadline: 16/01/2015

Start: 02/11/2015

End: 31/10/2016

The Residential Home for the Elderly St. Raphael is an officially recognized retirement home. The responsible body of the instituion is the catholic social service association “Caritas-Seniorenzentrum St. Raphael e.V”. The care of the elderly in the Residential Home for the Elderly St. Raphael is performed on a holistic basis, which consider latest findings in the domain of nursery, medical and social care. The individual needs of the elderly are taken into consideration by full collaboration of relatives, physicians and nursing staff. Thereby basic care, therapy and social work complement one another.


During their voluntary service the volunteers will get non-formal qualifications as well as key qualifications in the areas of character-building and social and linguistic skills. They get to know different ways of life and learn to deal with people with disabilities, as well as with different themes. They learn how to work with elderly and partly gerontopsychiatric disordered persons and learn organisational structures of daily care for elderly people and how to find their place in it. The volunteers are put into a team of employees and are treated as a fully-fledged team member. They learn how to get along with colleagues, bosses and roommates and to handle the sensibilities of intimacy and distance in the workplace. The assignment of European Volunteers will not substitute a regular job in this project. The activities of a volunteer should expand and deepen the exisingt geriatric care facilities. The volunteer should enrich the geriatric care activities with new ideas and perspectives.Volunteers will work mainly in the geriatric day care centre, where older people from Waldkirch and its surroundings are looked after on workdays from 8:00 to 17:00 h. Volunteers will be actively involved in the development of the day program of occupational therapy. Volunteers could develop their own ideas for new games, activities or stories into a personal project if they so wished – creative ideas are always welcome. The remaining of volunteers time will be spent in helping with other aspects of work at the centre as well as planning activities and courses. The volunteer will also be required to attend team meetings to report and co-ordinate resources. Volunteers are expected to accomplish a fulltime voluntary service of 35-hours per week, overdoing ill be balanced by additional freetime.


Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of German and have an interest in, and willingness to work with older and partly gerontopsychiatric disordered people. It’s necessary for volunteers to be sociable and outgoing, to have enthusiasm, and to be open to foreign cultures. They should be able to interact well with groups of people. An enthusiastic, responsible and flexible attitude towards the work is important. Volunteers should be willing to learn new skills and share own experince with others, be able to work as a team and contribute to the process and be open to new ideas and be flexible to work in a variety of settings. Language learning should not be the first or only motivation to make a voluntary service in this project. Since the project is situated in a small town, the volunteer must be fully aware of the geographical and social implication of the projects location.


Volunteers should send us their CV and a filled questionnaire which they can find attached or get upon request from the coordinator. Candidatures should be sent directly to the -mail address of the coordinator: stz1099@stw.de


Themes: Health
Targets: Elderly