EVS Vacancy in Lithuania – only for Russian applicants – 8 months

Coordinating organisation: Club of Intercultural cooperation InterAction 

Host: Directorate of Tytuvėnai regional park : http://www.trp.lt

Location: Tytuvėnai regional park, Lithuania

Deadline: 19/01/2015

Start: 04/03/2015

End: 04/11/2015

The project ‘A bridge across nature’ will gether volunteers that are interested in the environmental field. Since the project was already approved, it is available only for Russian residents (only for 1 volunteer)


The activities are conected with different spheres: • plants, birds and landscape monitoring; water quality research (carried out not every day but at least once a year); • cultural heritage (fortress hills, burial mounds, churches and chapels)protection; communication with older people, gathering stories, legends and songs; • collaboration with schools, municipality and other institutions, organising mutual events, eco-lessons; • working with touristic groups, guiding tours; • assistance with international Lithuania-Latvia project ‘Lakes for future’; • communication with other national and regional parks; preparations of brochures for publishing, physical work (maintaining the park territory, visitor center) Almost all activities are seasonal: tourism-related activities from May till September, school-related activites from September till June. A volunteer will be threated as an equal member of the team, he or she will have specific tasks and assignments. Depending on situation, volunteer can be an assistant or organizer, executor or idea generator. Most likely he or she will need to guide tourist group tours, help to maintain park territory areas, work with visitors, help with translation (web site and booklets) If a volunteer wishes to learn more about Lithuania culture(cooking/songs/dances etc.), we will do our best to help them. More info is available at http://europa.eu/youth/vp/organisation/46000509167_en


Interested volunteers should send at evs.interaction@gmail.com: 1. CV 2. Motivation letter 3. information about the country of residence. The decision will be made by 25 January. Due to the amount of tasks, we will be able to contact only short listed candidates! Please pay attention that the hosting place is situated in a small village far from big cities. The project is definitively for nature lovers.


We are lookinfg for volunteers that: • show interest in nature and cultural heritage; • able to work in a small team and independently; • ready for physical work as well as office work (indoors and outdoors); • interested in working with tourists and groups of children; • creative, open-minded and ready to communicate with new people; • have working level of English.