8 EVS vacancies in Romania – 10 months

Project title: Care Today, Cure Tomorrow!Romania

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Application deadline: 22/01/2015

Start date: 01/08/2015

End date: 30/05/2016

Description of the tasks of the volunteer:

Throughout the 10 months, the volunteer will:

 Take intensive classes of Romanian language
 Participate in trainings and demonstrations about the non-formal education and its methods
 Participate to a set of tests designed to provide them with a better self-knowledge of their skills and aptitudes
 Participate in trainings organized by the host organization about project management and project writing in the frame of Erasmus +
 Participate in trainings and workshops designed to develop their digital competences
 Teach foreign languages through non-formal methods to primary school pupils from local public schools
 Prepare and present public interactive events in order to promote their own culture
 Promote the Erasmus+ program in different environments and by different methods
 Create and promote two guide books containing presentations of the non-formal methods that can be used in teaching
 Integrate the community in volunteering activities conceived and implemented by them
 Write a project and propose it to their sending organization upon their return

Short description of the hosting organization

The mission of D.G.T. Association is centered on the creation and setting-up of a national and international network of youngsters, students, trainers and teachers of various nationalities and backgrounds. This network tackles topics like cultural exchange, non-formal education, ecology and climate change, sustainable development, European citizenship and geopolitics. Among all of these we add facilitation of the youngsters to accumulate, through voluntary activities, the necessary experience to efficiently adapt to the labor market, and also by offering the possibility to students to practice the theory learned in university

Application process

Send the following to the contact person: Dumitrescu Andreea
e-mail: dumitrescu.andreea91@gmail.com
 Candidates (possible volunteers) are asked to send:
 A CV (Europass version)
 A non-pretentious motivation letter to tell us about themselves and about how they can engage in our activities. Youngsters with fewer opportunities and with easy/ medium disabilities are highly encouraged to participate. Please let us know about your case in the motivation letter so we could manage it in the best way possible!
 Organizations are kindly asked to share the info pack, in search for the ideal candidate. Afterwards they will have to fill the partnership agreements, according to the needs of the project

Youngsters with fewer opportunities and with easy/ medium disabilities are highly encouraged to participate!

care today cure tomorrow infopack1