EVS vacancy in Czech Republic – 12 months

Coordinating organisation: LužánkyGoing EVS

Host: Alliance Française de Brno: http://www.afbrno.cz

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Deadline: 10/01/2015

Start: 01/10/2015

End: 30/09/2016

We would like to offer you EVS volunteer´s position in French Alliance in Brno, Czech Republic.
The French Alliance of Brno is a non-profit organisation with two main activities:
. As language school : It provides courses of French language, from beginners to advanced students; organises exams at a national level and delivers an official degree (Delf-Dalf)
. As a cultural centre : It organises different cultural activities during the year (ciné-café, conferences, tasting evenings), and one month festival presenting French culture through different disciplines (festival Bonjour Brno).

The building is composed of a library, six classrooms and a common room to welcome whoever wants to get information about France, to work on computers or to read magazines. It cooperates with the French embassy and French Institute of Prague and is a cultural platform at the regional level, helping the French companies and people starting their life in South Moravia.
Two people are working in the administration office, ten teachers are providing regular courses for three hundred students. The cultural activities gather hundreds of participants each year.


The volunteer will closely work with the staff of the French Alliance. We want him/her to feel part of the French Alliance and to have the possibility to be in contact with all the employees if he/she feels like sharing and communicating with them. His/her role will be to help the visitors to feel like home, to facilitate relationships between students and the organisation and to communicate around actions held by the French Alliance.

Volunteer’s activities : The volunteer will have a desk at the reception of the common room, with a computer where he/she could work and welcome people. He/she will spend 25 hours weekly working for the French Alliance, and 10 hours per week will be organised for the meeting with other EVS, language courses and preparation of his/her personal project. During the working time at the French Alliance, we want to volunteer to help us in regular activites like welcoming students in the common room, classifying the books in the library, updating the website, helping occasionally during the cultural events (taking photos, installing pictures for exhibitions, etc.) He/she will also have some time to think of activities he/she could organise or prepare. We want to leave some space for his/her creativity. Regular meetings are organised with the teachers of the French Alliance, and also with the commitee of the Association. These meetings are made to share about the plans and activities of the Alliance, and to solve the potencial problems. The cultural actions all over the year are opportunities to strenghten ties with the membres of the association and the students. We would like the volunteer to participate in all these meetings and gatherings so as he/she could understand how such an organisation is working from inside and outside. We believe the volunteer can learn a lot from these meetings.


We are looking for a personn who is interested in French culture and language and who would like to help to spread a francophile spirit. He/she need also to have taste for cultural activities, and pedagogical environement. The volunteer has to be autonomous with undertaking facilities. The motivation is really important for us.


If interested send your CV and motivation letter in French language to direction@afbrno.cz till 10th January 2015.