EVS vacancy in Germany – 11 months – working with children

Coordinating organisation: Steinbeis Innovation Centre European ProjectsYour EVS

Host: Freie Schule Brigach: http://www.sizep.eu

Location: St. Georgen, Germany

Deadline: 16/01/2015

Start: 06/09/2015

End: 05/08/2016

Freie Schule Brigach was founded in 2006. Now, about 30 children – age 6 to 13 – attend the school. Our school broadens and enriches the educational variety in the county of Schwarzwald-Baar. The educational concept meets the requirements of curriculums at state schools. We pay special attention to build up skills being requested in the curriculum.
The concept of our school is not combined to any ideology or religious confession.
In our educational center is the individual child with his or her strenghts and skills. It is characteristic for our school to teach in open classes and the groups are mixed of age. Educational material support children to learn individually and within their own pace. Children experience democracy, which offers freedom and limits, individuality and community.

The teachers role is to give input and advices, to support children on their own way of learning.
The heart of our concept is the children’s self-responsibility. Children are taught to work independently. Teachers are not an authority who knows everything, but someone who supports and accompanys children in their process of learning.


Volunteers gain insight and experiences in a shmall school, which teaches accrding to an alternatively concept. Individual and self-responsible learning i the heart of the concept. A volunteer coplements the pedagogical work of our staff members and teachsers. During the first time the volunteer assists the staff, untill he/she is familiar with our concept, our regulations, and procedures. Later we encourage to take over own tasks, like small projects for a group of 5 to 10 children. This could be in the field of craft, culture, language or sport. There is hardly any limit for volunteer’s creativity. We are open to ideas from volunteers according to their ability and their hobbies. We offer mentoring and assistance. No volunteer will be left alone. Volunteer’ activities: assitance during class, supporting teachers at excursions and outings, initiating own workshops and projects (sport, culture, craft, etc.) participating in the cevelopment of a school concept. Learning opportunities: teaching and educational experiences; initiating, planning and implementing projects, working in a team, intervention in crisis, taking over responsibilities, developing independecy. Language training: Volunteers can participate at language training. The aim is to improve oral language skills for daily needs. The training will be offered by the coordination organization and the teachers are specializing in German for Foreigners. It will take place once a week at the late afternoon or early evening. Up to two hours of the training will be counted for working time. At the language training different volunteers can meet each other. This supports the exchange emong each other Monthly activities will be offered by the coordinating organization. Volunteers can influence the program by participating at the organization. This helps volunteers getting to know the region and understanding the cultural and historical situation. A important focus is put on European subjects, such as participating at a European Festival or an excursion to the European Parlament in Strassbourg. It is recommended to volunteers to be part of these activites, but it is optional. Volunteers will receive support, if they want to inform themselves about educational possibilites and about professional mobility.


Volunteers should have great interest in educational work, especially in the concept of alternative teaching. We expect an open mind and interest in our very unusual school, as well as openness towards living in a rural area like the Black forest. In our school we support children to learn independently and self-responsible. The same we expect from the staff and from volunteers. They should be interested in taking responsibilities. Volunteers should be able to work in a team and should be interested in bringing up own ideas. For own projects we provide space, time and assistance. It is a precondition, that volunteers offer empathy and adaption to our concept. Also a volunteer really should feel like working with children age 6 to 14! If problems occur we expect a volunteer to seek communication. Basic knowledge of the German language would be helpful. We expect volunteers to learn and improve their German. However, learning the language should not be the main motivation for volunteers applying for this project. Candidates should describe their motivation for a voluntary service in this project in a detailed letter of motivation. Important are neither national nor social background, gender, language skills nor level of education, but a convincing motivation.


Candidates should send us their CV and the filed questionnaire they can find in the attachment or can get from the coordinator upon request. Candidatures should be sent directly to the e-mail address of the coordinator: stz1099@stw.de