EVS vacancy in Germany – 12 months – working in day care centre for disabled people

Coordinating organisation: Steinbeis Innovation Centre European ProjectsGoing EVS

Host: Integrationswerkstätten Oberschwaben: http://www.sizep.eu

Location: Weingarten, Germany

Deadline: 16/01/2015

Start: 01/09/2015

End: 31/08/2016

The sheltered workshop of the IWO conducts exemplary integration and support for mentally, physically or severely disabled people through manifold and ambitious employment opportunities and individual caregiving and therapeutical assistance.
Disabled friendly places and equipments foster equal participation in working and communal life, personal and vocational education and autonomy of disabled people.
The IWO is a recognized host organisation for volunteers participating in the german Voluntary Social Year program as well as the new National Voluntary Service program.Special Needs Department
We support and assist disabled people to develop their skills needed for every day life. The objective is the maintainance and development of blocked and submerged physical, mental and social skills. Therefor we create individual living spaces, quality of life and outlook on life for severely disabled people. We give an opportunity to participate in our community and in social life.
European Volunteers are expected to keep the rules of our work with disabled people:
• acceptance of handicapped people in their particular personality
• ability to cope with strain by challenging behaviour
• full cooperation with staff members
• loyal and responsible acting according to the particular objective of our work
• to be motivated to develop future prospects for handicapped people
• to be courageous to act creative and flexible


Volunteers get the opportunity to contribute – under guidance of staff members – to the support and leisure time program of the day care centre for the Disabled. Volunteers can introduce their own ideas and abilities like computer literacy, graphic design, mechanical skills, music playing etc. As well the volunteers will be included in the specific care duties of the groups. In the beginning the volunteer will only assist the groupleaders, later she/he will take on responsibility – as far as admitted by legal liabilities. Emphatically volunteers are invited to bring in their own ideas. Staff members will appreciate all initiatives to develop additional proposals for leisure time activities and will support planning and realization. Volunteers could develop their ideas for new games, activities or stories into a personal project if they so wished – creative ideas are always welcome. Volunteers are expected to accomplish a fulltime voluntary service of 38 hours per week. Overtime doing will be balanced by additional freetime.


The volunteer should have an interest in social work and should be open to interact with disabled children and young people who are threatended with social exclusion. Previous knowledge of work with disabled children and young people could be helpful. It’s necessary for the volunteers to be sociable and outgoing, to have enthusiasm, and to be tolerant to foreign cultures. Volunteers should be able to act on their own initiative, but also cooperate in a team. Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of German and the willingness to learn german language. A driving license class B would be helpful.


Candidates should send us their CV and fill in the questionnaire they will find in the attachment or can get upon request from the coordinator. Candidatures should be sent directly to the -mail address of the coordinator: stz1099@stw.de