EVS vacancy in Greece – 12 months – working with disadvantaged young people

Organisation: Experimental Technology Education Sports

Location: Vrontados, Greece

Deadline: 15/01/2015

Start: 01/07/2015

End: 30/06/2016

The “Cooperative Learning in Chios Island on Technology Education Sports” project 2011-GR-33 cultivates and advances new technologies and work on their joining with the Education, Culture and Sports. It helps young people with fewer opportunities, to understand Internet’s capabilities on educational, cultural, sport and youth issues. The volunteer helps on a non profit procedure, young people, to understand how to use computers and educational programs effectively. It has to do with social, cultural and educational matters.

The EVS volunteer deals with the development of projects in an educational, cultural and scientific level helps unemployed people to learn and use and realise projects with educational, youth and sport organizations, teachers, students and young people with the help of W.W.W or future technologies.
The project focus is on the creation of Cultural and Educational “New Technologies” projects, like Web pages, DVD’s, Videos and Sport activities, offering to young people who live in Chios Island and to the Europeans information about many subjects.
The European volunteer, under the guidance and help of TES’s people, will work together with our youngsters, and help them to get in touch with the European Dimension & New Technologies and to inform them about how to reach new possibilities in the field of Education, Employment, Sport, Entertainment, etc.
The volunteer will offer to the young people in Chios Island the possibility to open new horizons.It is really important for the youngsters who live in an isolated place like Chios Island, to have information about the opportunities they have, to work with new technologies, to open discussions about this and help them. The Young Voluntary workers undertake to participate voluntarily in an active citizen and informative experience with the aim of acquiring social, intercultural and personal skills, working with different kind of computer software, taking part in the preparation, realisation and evaluation of Educational, Sport, Cultural and other projects and at the same contribute to the well being of the community. After learning Greek, the volunteers will be able to inform the young Greek people, especially the people with fewer opportunities, about the actions of the “Youth in action” Program.
Please visit http://www.4youth.eu/ activities and http://www.chiosradio.gr to listen our radio


a) Computer Programs (30%) One of the main activities is to take active part in the realization of Non-profit making Educational, Sports and Cultural programs and Presentations. The volunteers will have the opportunity to come closer to New Technologies, learn and develop creative projects through practical and theoretical exchange of knowledge and gain knowledge that will help them for all their life. They will have the possibility to work with E.U schools on the E.U program http://www.etwinning.net. The Mentor and the responsible of the project are using the R-admin program to observe on-line the working computers and follow the progress on each subject and offer ASAP any possible help. (www.4youth.eu ).

b) Educational, Cultural and Sport cooperation on New Technologies (40%). The young volunteers are working on: – “Learning by using New Technologies” Producing Educational, Cultural, Sport and Touristic Projects. – Helping the children to do summer activities. – Helping and learn how to sail, but also to take part in sailing race as crew or captain of a sailing yacht. – Helping in the educational procedure of our computer school. **The above activities depend on the needs of the cooperating organizations.
c) Our EVS Internet Radio (20%). The European Volunteer will make her own contribution for the development and realization of recordings, sound mixing, interviews, news and anything that has to do with our organization’s EVS Internet Radio web site http://www.chiosradio.gr, advertising our Island.
d) Inspiration (05%). One other activity is to create new ideas about helping in organizing and realizing of Youth programs, sport (sailing) School activities (in a primary school) and other activities, also will help in texts translation from English or Greek to her mother language, also participate in other social activities developed by T.E.S.
e) Our Place (05%) The volunteers are responsible for keeping the hosting and working place clean and in order (building, household, electronic and other equipment, sailing material, garden etc)


Positive and creative young person, ready to offer his/her time for learning a lot in cooperatio with the other volunteers and offer his/her time in Educational, Cultural and Sport projects. A person who looks the glass “half ful” instead of “half empty”.


The selection is from the present volunteers of the project in cooperation with the youth workers and the mentors. The volunteers are writing one E-mail (info@tes.gr) to the Hosting organisation and they are requesting a Questionnaire.


Themes: Art and culture, Environment, Heritage protection, Rural development, Urban development, Equal opportunities, Anti-racism/xenophobia, Health, Anti-drugs/substance abuse, Social exclusion (in general), Measures against delinquency, Youth information, Youth policies, Youth leisure, Youth sports, Media and communications, European awareness, Other
Targets: Youth and children, Elderly, Disabled people, Homeless, Unemployed, Migrants, Local Community, Other