3 EVS vacancies in Romania – 12 months – leisure activities with youngsters

Project name: Let`s move!EVS Adventure

Location: Targu Secuiesc, Transylvania, Romania

Application deadline: 16/01/2015

Start date: 04/09/2015

End date: 04/09/2016

Tasks of the volunteers: 

Main activities:
Please note: All volunteers have the opportunity to create there own mini project during EVS.
The volunteers will be splinted in 2 different parts of the NGO like this:
– 2 of the volunteers will help to lead the usually ping-pong program of the association. This program includes working in 2 groups/2 time per week with children and youngsters. The activities consist in teaching children’s how to play and preparing them for eventual contests

o Helping the association in his regulary organized sport events: bike events, ping-pong, athletics, board games, etc.
o develope new programmes together wit the local volunteers in the theme of sport
o create alternative gettaways for the local people
o Helping in the promotion of Nemere Trail – the second greenway for bicycles in Covasna County

– 1 volunteer will work with the high school students and they will make non formal education activities.
o Helping to prepare small local projects
o Leading informing activities with the help of the specialist in various programs
o Developing new green game ideas
o Create and develop a green school based on non-formal education

Also the volunteers will have as activities:
– promoting volunteering activities in order to have new volunteers (they will do that organising different events were they invite to participate volunteers from the city.)
– participating on different voluntary activities (presenting the national culture and traditions to youth, etc.)

Description of the hosting organization: 

The Green Sun Association is an environmental, professional-scientific organization which was established in the summer of 2009. The members of the association are ecologists, economists, fine artists, but one can find in the group teachers, engineers and sociologists as well. Since the beginning there are more then 600 events organized by the Green Sun Association. It is not subordinated to any other legal entity and is functioning under democratic principles. We are an open and sensitive group with 17 principal members and 30 volunteers.

Few activities:

– Protecting the natural values
– Sport programs, bike tours
– Camps, outdoor programs
– Developing the Nemere Trail
– Involving volunteers
– Participation on events, organizing
– Environmental programs and events
– Realizing and disseminating publications
– Events , programs for children, students.
– Working with other specialist in different areas of the civil society.
– Population ecological awareness-raising, counseling, education, education, media activity

Application process: 

If you think you can fulfill all the requests from the call and if you think that this EVS is suitable for you, don’t hesitate to send us your CV before 16th of January 2015 at our e-mail: zoldnapegyesulet@gmail.com