EVS vacancy in France – 10 months

Project name: Citizenship and solidarity with Unis-Cité Rhône-Alpes France

Location: in Lyon or Saint Etienne FRANCE

Application deadline: 19/01/2015

Start date: 01/09/2015

End date: 30/06/2016

Tasks of the volunteer: 

The aims of Unis-Cité project are:
– team work on projects of solidarity for various community partners
– a specific educational program to open up volunteers to the society and help them to become active citizens and various workshops to enable them to prepare their future and their future plans – CV, computing, meetings of professionals,….
– 4 main goals for the volunteers: a strong commitment in the projects, training of team work, the European dimension and citizenship.

Unis-Cité develops its actions in the fields of solidarity, citizenship and environment to enable the volunteers to have an approach of several publics and to be sensitized to the problems of our society. Unis cite works in local partnership with sevderal social and non-profit organisation where the volunteers can have their activities in volunteers team.
Examples of projects of solidarity realized in past
Theme : Assistance to old and disabled people
Theme : Educativ project at school with children
Theme: Development of culture and citizenship
Theme : Support to charities
Theme : Environment
Our projects are : 2012-FR- 123 (for Lyon) and 2012-FR- 138 (Saint-Etienne)

Application process: 

So if you want to take part in the selection for our project, contact me as soon as possible to received the application form to fill in, and also the testimonies of our current or old volunteers.
If you have questions don’t hesitate to tell me. (p.perra@mlve.org)

Organization description:

It s a regional partnership between 2 associations: Mission Locale and Unis Cité. Unis-Cité – an association that offers voluntary service for French young people aged from 18 to 25 – has got as a priority the diversity in the teams that are composed of young people of all social and cultural backgrounds and of all ages, sex and educational levels to work on a common project and help destitute people. Each volunteer can find his/her place thanks to his/her team diversity. Besides, Unis-Cité has recruited through Mission Locale work, european volunteers for long-term EVS since 1999 who allow cultural and linguistic exchanges and bring different practices and experiences.
The Mission Locale of Villeurbanne is an organisation for young people aged from 16 to 25. We help them for all professional problems (carreer advices, search of work, professional training,…) or social problems (health, money, lodging,…). Our aim is to enable them to become more autonomous and build step by step their future.
Since 1997, Mission locale is sending, hosting and coordinationg EVS organisation.
These 2 organisations are complementary what has given birth to a partnership: Unis-Cité brings its strong experience in community actions in the frame of the voluntary service and in long-term EVS hosting. The Mission Locale of Villeurbanne brings its knowledge and experience in young people, sending and hosting them through the EVS action.