EVS vacancy in Portugal – 12 months – only for Hungarian applicants

Name of the project: One step forwardEVS Adventure

Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

Application deadline: 15/02/2015 

Start date: 01/02/2015

End date: 31/01/2016

Tasks of the volunteer:

The volunteer will be directly involved in YUPI projects and will be integrated in YUPI team.
The projects to be involved can be: local volunteering projects; biological farms; integration projects through music and percussion; work camps and youth exchanges; activities in rural areas; fair trade awareness. And the EVS volunteer should add own ideas and propose activities, projects, events. S/he can organize sportive events, cultural events, to show the tradition of their country, comparing with portuguese traditions, to show the european differences and similarities, creative workshops, whatever s/he would like!

Application process:

Through sve@yupi.pt.
Please send us your CV and motivations to be part in this project. Only for Hungarian applicants!

Description of the hosting organization:

YUPI – Youth Union of People with Initiative, works with young people since 2007 on youth mobility, entrepreneurship, volunteerism and international cooperation. Activities are geared according to the values of democracy, active participation, cooperation and equal opportunities.
The objectives of our work with young people between 13 and 30 years are to promote youth mobility and consciousness of belonging to Europe, encouraging personal and social development of young people, to support initiatives and projects of cooperation, solidarity and youth entrepreneurship.
Our working areas are: volunteering, non formal education (research and lobbying), learning mobility and active participation and citizenship.