Urgent! Approved project! 8 EVS vacancy in Romania – 12 months – only for applicants from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Estonia

Project title: Eye Care / Day CareYour EVS

Location: Baia Mare, Romania

Application deadline: 16/01/2015

Start date: 01/03/2015

End date: 29/02/2016

Tasks of the volunteer: 

The project includes two different types of main activities. The volunteers will work, twice a week with a group of visually impaired adults and three times a week they will organize educational workshops for groups of children aged between 7 and 12.

The activities for blind people include the following: music and singing, dancing, clay modeling, theater and English lessons. The volunteers will work in teams of 4 and will lead workshops for not more than 8 blind adults. In this way, they can pay specific attention to each of them during the activity. For the work with visually impaired persons, the volunteers will also have to prepare specific activities during their service: a blind exhibition, in which people without seeing disabilities can join, blindfolded and experience a world of smell, sound and touch. Also, the volunteers will organize, together with the blind participants, a living library that includes people with disability or health problems. During their stay in Romania, they will have to prepare a presentation of their country, adapted for the people who cannot see.

The activities with children include workshops that have educational objectives for the children. The workshops will have different topics, according to the moment when they are taking place: seasons, 8th of March, 1st of June, Easter, Christmas, etc. And they will also be organized according to themes of interest for children: animals, plants, science, biology, geography, culture, language and so on. The volunteers will have to prepare a schedule for workshops for every two months of their stay. Some workshops can be done several times, as every two months, the group of children will change. The volunteers are responsible of preparing their workshops, researching and implementing them. The HO will offer support and training to help them organize things better. In the end of their service, the volunteers will have to collect the workshop idea and put them in a booklet, in order to help other volunteers that are working with children, already. During summer holidays, the workshops will be moved from Baia Mare to villages around our city, for a period of two months.

Application procedure: 

To apply, please send your CV and Motivation Letter to solvita@t4uth.ro by January the 16th, 2015.
Upon application, you might be contacted for a video interview.

We are searching for 8 volunteers from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Estonia.
Keep in mind that volunteers from Ukraine or Belarus need VISA for Romania. All the VISA costs are covered by the project budget.

Organization description:

Team for Youth Association is a cultural youth association, nongovernmental and non-conformist, that develops cultural projects on a regional and European level. The organization uses as a main resource the abilities and competencies of its group of young volunteers. We try to stimulate cultural initiatives through volunteering and to participate to social transformation by activating young people civically & culturally. Through our activities, we promote non-formal education and volunteering, we encourage youngsters to seek opportunities for self-development and growth.
Activities at T4UTH revolve around a set of values that have formed in time and have grown together with the experience of our team: intercultural learning, volunteerism, tolerance, team spirit, and excellence. Based on these beliefs, our assumed mission is to stimulate the youngsters to develop themselves through volunteering activities, international mobility and non-formal education.
The tools used to achieve our team’s vision include international voluntary activities and other projects that facilitate youth mobility beyond borders. The partnerships we have built locally and internationally offer us a proper environment for recruiting, training and placing volunteers in projects with a variety of themes.
Team for Youth was born in 2009, and since then has developed activities concentrating on three main topics: voluntarism (we also work as a center for recruiting and placing volunteers in different activities in the community), non-formal education (every year we organize a Carnival of non-formal education that promotes different instruments for experiential learning), intercultural learning (we bring together the local community with volunteers from different parts of the world, including other continents, like South America or Africa.