How the Erasmus+ deadlines affect the number of calls for EVS volunteers 

EVS Adventure
We started this new year strong, with many EVS vacancies, most of them with the deadline before the ending of January.
You may know this already, but just in case you don’t know why, it is because the organizations that are preparing these EVS projects are going to apply for funding to the European Commission on the 4th of February 2015 deadline. So they need to know who their volunteers will be to write their details in the application that they are submitting.

You might have noticed that we added a countdown box on the right side of the website. It shows how many day are left till the next application deadline for the organizations.
Why should you care about this?

Because experience tells us that most calls for volunteers are published in the two months before these deadlines. As there are 3 application deadlines per year for the organizations to get the EVS projects funded, there will be months with many new calls for volunteers and other with almost none.

The three big deadlines for 2015 are: 
04th of February 2015
30th of April 205
01st of October 2015

How does this help you in your search for the perfect EVS?
Well, we hope it gives you some perspective over the big picture. Also we hope it will motivate you to work on your applications more the two months before the first deadline and get you through the down times with less new calls for volunteers.

Good luck and inspiration with your applications!