EVS vacancy in Ireland – 12 months

Cloughjordan Community Farm

Location: Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary, IrelandYour EVS

Application deadline: 18/01/2015

Start date: 04/06/2015

End date: 03/06/2016

Tasks of the volunteer: 

The EVS volunteer’s main focus will be working and learning about organic, biodynamic and sustainable farming and living in our community through hands-on work and learning in the polytunnels and field. The volunteers will be involved in activities supporting the production of food, promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development as well as activities associated with organising and promoting educational events as well as playing an active role in the organisation of community.

Voluntary Service International is the coordinating organisation for this EVS project: http://www.vsi.ie
Further info on this EVS vacancy here: http://www.vsi.ie/news/2015/01/13/evs-volunteer-needed-for-cloughjordan-community-farm-co-tipperary-june-2015/

Application process:

All applications must be through CCF’s application form. We will only accept applications using this form. Link to form and further info here: http://www.vsi.ie/news/2015/01/13/evs-volunteer-needed-for-cloughjordan-community-farm-co-tipperary-june-2015/

Host organization description:

Cloughjordan Community Farm (CCF) is a member owned and operated Community Supported Agriculture initiative based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage. As a social enterprise the Community Farm aims to promote a healthy food culture and guarantee secure local food supply, as well as hosting training in resilient food systems and sustainable agriculture. The Cloughjordan Community Farm, in association with locally based national NGO’s Cultivate Living and Learning and Feasta: The Foundationdn for the Economiccs of Sustainability offer a number of hands-on courses throughout the year in subjects around food production and storing, seed saving, nutritional resilience, rearing animals, Permaculture, adding value to agricultural produce and training events for those interested in setting up and maintaining CSA initiatives. Learning experiences for primary schools and gap year secondry school classes are hosted with the Cloughjordan Cookery School.