Approved project! EVS vacancy on Romania – 7 months – only for Italian, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese applicants

Volunteer from Turkey, Spain, Italy and Portugal wanted for outdoor activities in Oradea city, RomaniaYour EVS

Location:Oradea, Romania

Application deadline: 25/01/2015

Start date: 01/03/2015

End date: 30/09/2015

Tasks of the volunteer:

– plan, prepare and organize sport and outdoor activities ( sports, hiking, biking, orientation, birdwatching, running, climbing, exploring nature – Nature Detectives Club) Tuesday to Saturday for young people 6 to 16 years from Bihor county, Romania;

– promote outdoor activities and its benefits on development of children especially in the area psychical health, motor skills and social relations by using online social media tools and by organising local workshops;
– encourage and support young people from Oradea community to become volunteers in the outdoor activities;

– organize workshops in highschools and universities in Oradea where they can share their experience as EVS volunteers and encourage volunteering
– assist ALC team to create a website where outdoor activities we organize and other organisations, outdoor opportunities will be disseminated to encourage kids, adolescents, families and teachers and educators to get outside, and finally enjoy and benefit from being outside

Application process:

If you are interested you can apply until 25 January 2015 by sending your CV and a Motivation letter filled in english by e-mail at
SELECTION of volunteers and partners – ONLY selected people will be announced by 28 January 2015 by e-mail.

Host organization:

Asociatia Learning Communities is newly founded association from Romania by a group of youthworkers.
We work with EVS projects since 2003 and we work with Youth programme since 1999.
Activities we organise are around young people volunteering, Environment protection projects.

Other information:

EVS vacancy for Italian, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese volunteers in Oradea city , Romania
Period of EVS service 01 March – 01 October 2015 – 7 Months
We follow 2 directions with this initiative
-EVS volunteers become skilled in preparing and organising outdoor activities, therefore more employable in this field and even capable to start as outdoor entrepreneurs
-An example of EVS mobility project involving volunteers in Outdoor activities

Number of volunteers – 8
Spain – 2
Turkey -2
Bulgaria – 1
Portugal – 1
Jordan – 1
Italy – 1

Outdoor green jobs for young people is an EVS project where 8 EVS volunteers are doing an 8 months service in Oradea and Bihor County, Romania under the supervision and with the support of youth  workers with experience in EVS, youth workers passionate about outdoor and nature, ngo workers  actively involved in education of kids and adolescents.

Project Objectives
1. Develop outdoor activities for a period of 7 months in Oradea and surroundings to enable 8 EVS volunteers to acquire skills in preparing and running outdoor activities, to help volunteers in finding a job or start as entrepreneurs in Outdoor industry
2. EVS volunteers actively involved in a local campaign addressing youth, teachers, schools, media and local community to promote the benefits of outdoor activities for the health and well being of kids.
3. Disseminate project results at various levels: local, national and international to all actors involved in Erasmus+
Our initiative is aligned with European Parliament objectives stated in the 2020 Strategy where recommendations are made to national and European Commission to invest in supporting sport and outdoor activities as a measure fight against obesity and its effects on health and development of children and young people of EU.

8 volunteers from 6 countries(Spain,Turkey, Jordan, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria)will do a 7 months service in Oradea Romania under the supervision and with support from a team of professional and passionate youth workers. The team is formed by people with years of experience in training in Non formal education, young people with experience in managing YiA projects and passionate about outdoor.
ALC team has conceived a plan to train, offers support, and give young volunteers practical experience in all the stages of concept/preparation/running and evaluating outdoor activities.

The program of the volunteers:
During school – Tuesday to Friday 12.00 – 17.00, Saturday 08.00 – 17.00
During summer holidays – Tuesday to Friday 09.00 – 16.00, Saturday 08.00 – 17.00
Sunday and Monday are free days.

Where ? – in Oradea city and Bihor County, Romania.
The 8 EVS volunteers will work side by side with youthworkers from our organization to provide this educational opportunity for children and adolescents from our community.
The outdoor activities we provide are for free targeting especially kids and adolescents from disadvantaged families.
What we offer :
-a learning environment where EVS volunteers can learn skills they can use in educational activities for kids, in developing outdoor activities, in organising outdoor sports, in being educators / teachers able to use outdoor opportunities to encourage kids learning
-support in developing team skills and intercultural learning skills
Travel costs covered according to Erasmus+ rules – maximum covered -> (Spain – 360 Euro; Turkey -275 Euro ; Bulgaria – 180 Euro ; Portugal – 360 Euro ; Jordan – 360 Euro; Italy – 275 Euro)
-we cover accommodation and utilities in apartments we rent in Oradea city( each volunteer has his/ her own room, facilities in apartment for cooking, washing clothes, internet)
– we offer 60 Euro / month Pocket money and monthly allowance for food
– every volunteer has AXA medical insurance for the whole period of services
Profile of volunteers
young people 18-30 years from Italy, Spain, Jordan, Portugal and Turkey
young people passionate about working in outdoor activities
young people interested to work with kids and adolescents, about developing non formal educational activities, young people willing to work on topics like: sport, art, environment protection;
young people with leadership skills, willing to learn and self motivated, open minded and curious in challenging ideas.
young people capable of speaking in English at least on a basic level (conversational) and enough to develop the proposed activities, especially to communicate with evs volunteers and the youthworkers involved in the project