EVS vacancy in Finland – 12 months – only for French applicants

EKOenergy Stamp of EVS

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Application deadline: 01/04/2015

Start date: 01/09/2015

End date: 01/09/2016;

Tasks of the volunteers:

Your main task will be to follow up the development of EKOenergy ecolabel in France, to keep in touch with our French partners and to promote the label among the different stakeholders of electricity market
You will also take part in the daily tasks of the Secretariat: translation, short projects, networking, promotion of the label…
Have a better overview thanks to this article written by two volunteers: http://www.ekoenergy.org/volunteering-for-ekoenergy/

Application process:

We are looking for a FRENCH VOLUNTEER ONLY.

Send your CV and motivations to: steven.vanholme@sll.fi

About hosting organization:

EKOenergy is a network of European environmental NGOs promoting the use of sustainable electricity. Currently, there are 34 members, from 26 European countries. Our main goal is to stimulate the development of the renewable electricity sector and to promote climate friendly solutions. EKOenergy is also an ecolabel for electricity, managed by the EKOenergy network. The purpose of the ecolabel is to assist consumers in navigating the complex European electricity market. Only electricity from renewable sources can be sold as EKOenergy. EKOenergy also fulfills additional sustainability requirements set by the EKOenergy Network. The Secretariat is located in the headquarters of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC).