EVS vacancy in Greece – 7 months

Project title: Volunteering in the Protected Area of Lake PamvotisGreece

Location: Ioannina, Greece

Application deadline: 30/01/2015

Start date: 01/05/2015

End date: 30/11/2015

Tasks of the volunteers:

Key volunteer activities:
Standard volunteer duties involve both office based work & fieldwork which include: maintenance & development of the organisation’s website; setting up of resource centre; preparation of scientific reports & articles; writing letters; designing of information material; participation in field research, guarding patrols & more.
Volunteers are very much encouraged to develop their skills in their chosen field. Usually, volunteer duties & a rough programme are worked out beforehand on a mutual understanding, & a working schedule is delineated in the first few days of the volunteer’s arrival.

They will have the chance to learn a range of skills such as data processing, biological surveys, camera trapping, & species identification, to practical skills such as first aid, wildlife photography & more.
Tasks are carried out with the assistance of a staff counterpart, & short meetings are held on a regular basis to evaluate progress.
Volunteers are encouraged to bring a laptop computer as office computer resources seem to be always in use!
Volunteers must be prepared to share a communal life, living & working in secluded areas, often as members of small teams & usually under harsh conditions. The ability to live & co-operate with people of different cultures & backgrounds is essential.
Volunteers will stay in a dedicated guesthouse located in Ioannina town. Wi-Fi internet connection will be available.
Applicants must beable to communicate in English & carry a health insurance policy.
At the outcome of their stay, volunteers are requested to submit a short report of their experience. If required, a recommendation letter may be provided.

Application process:

As this is the first time that such a program will run under the umbrella of the Management Body, we are very careful in all aspects of planning and running of the project and especially in the selection of volunteers.
Therefore, before we go ahead with your application:
• You should read the relevant information below concerning accommodation, food, travel insurance etc.
• You should read the related information in the official Erasmus+/ EVS website and the “Programme Guide”.
• We would like you to send us (malpi@otenet.gr) your CV or/ and a brief “motivation letter “ enclosing information about your education, explaining the reasons why you want to participate in this specific project, your expectations and needs, as well as a list of questions you might have.
If we go ahead with your application then we need to find a “Sending organisation” from your country and arrange a skype conversation to discuss details of your project engagement and travel to Greece.

Only for European citizens
For more information visit: http://www.lakepamvotis.gr/articles/aggelies/evs

Hosting organization:

Amvotis Lake is one of the oldest lakes in the world and the second oldest after Lake Ohrid at European level. Located at the foot of Mount Mitsikeli, with the Ioannina city built at its banks, the Pamvotis lake is a sensitive with significant habitats and rare species of flora and fauna. The lake is characterized by large vegetation richness and hosts many aquatic and hygrophilous plants. The Pamvotis lake is a protected area belonging to European Natura 2000 network, governed by its Management Body, a nine (9) members Board supervised by the Greek Ministry of the Environment. There are currently 10 Park Officers & conservation staff, responsible for the day-to-day Management of the Park.
The Management Body’s Action Plan primarily aims to :
1. The Protection of the habitats of protected species of flora and fauna of Lake Pamvotis and its surrounding areas.
2. The restoration of lake’s disrupted water balance.
3. The protection from pollution and contamination.
4. The protection against any kind of interventions that degrade the ecosystem.
5. The protection and conservation of fishery resources.
6. The promotion of the Lake’s great biological, economical, geomorphological, scientific & educational value.
7. Provide environmental sensitisation by disseminating research information about the management & biodiversity of the protected area.
8. Offer a diverse range of use opportunities to local communities while manage impacts of human activities to maintain ecosystem conservation, cultural heritage use & community values.
9. Carry out biodiversity monitoring & resource protection programmes.
10. The surveillance & guarding of the area.
11. Educate, inform & make the public more aware by providing information about the Park and promote volunteering.
The Volunteer Programme has been designed with a strong focus on learning & hands-on involvement in field projects & volunteers will assist the Park’s officers in their demanding task and they will get involved in biodiversity monitoring, public awareness, PAs Management activities etc. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork & inclusiveness.