Urgent! Approved project! EVS vacancy in France – 9 months – only for Spanish applicants

Project: EVS in Hisory Museum of Marseille (France)last-minute-travel-deals

Location: Marseille, France

Application deadline: 30/01/2015

Start date: 01/03/2015

End date: 01/12/2015

Tasks of the volunteer:

In the preparation and realization of a temporary exposition, the tasks of the volunteer :
– helping in creating international partnerships
– helping in documentation research
– helping in realizing lists of the objects
– helping in iconographic research
– helping in following the authorization and the rights of reproduction
– helping in writing notices of the objects – helping in following the loans

Application process:

Coordinating organisation Réseau EUROMEDINCULTURE(s) (Marseille, France), Pirina LATCHKOVA : pirina@euromedinculture.org
Sending organisation COCAT (Barcelona, Spain), Marta DI LUIGI: voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

If you are interested in this vacancy please send CV and motivation letter to both email addresses.

– be spanish, in preference from Catalonia
– university degree of History, Archeology, History of Art will be welcomed
– interpersonal and writing skills
– initiative
– skills of working in team
– controlling the informatics tools

About hosting organization: 

The City of Marseille wish to host a young volunteer at the History Museum of Marseille, recently renovated and covering over 15,500 m².

Thirty years after its creation, the History Museum of Marseille was reopened in September 2013, after 3 years of renovation and expansion around the iconic archaeological site of the « Bourse ».
At the heart of the « Centre Bourse », a shopping center close to the Vieux Port (Old Port), this unusual location offers the public reading keys to understand the city today and it’s evolution. Thanks to many multimedia tools, the museum offers to plunge into the history of the city, around a 2,600 -year course and through 4000 artifacts exposed permanently.

Outside the walls, from the archaeological site and through the city along the ancient Greek way to Fort St. Jean, visitors can also discover the digital extension of the museum , alternating augmented reality and 3D reconstructions .

Today the museum wants to develop an action program based on the concept of transmission whose priorities are the expansion of the audience, the development of the participatory aspect, participation in scientific research, work on the collections and taking into account the broader metropolitan area.

The team from the History Museum is made up of approximately 25 people spread across the management team, general administration, the collection and documentation divisions as well as the cultural development and public hospitality division. The various assignments undertaken by the personnel cover a broad range of roles: safety, security, documentation, artifacts management, mediation, curatorial services.

As part of the preparation of an exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of DRASSM (the Department for Underwater and Undersea Archeological Research) and the history of underwater archeology, which will be inaugurated in early 2016, the volunteer will have as main tasks the participation in documentary research, in design and dissemination of communication tools , in support for administration and public mediation. The volunteer will be able to develop his/her skills in term of project management, development of tools like dashboards, retro planning … as well as in knowledge of research tools like the Miromusée database.