Urgent! Approved project! EVS vacancy in Turkey – 6 months – only for Spanish applicants

Coordinating organisation: Tepebasi Municipality Youth Center

Host: Tepebasi Municipality Youth Center: http://www.tepebasigenclikmerkezi.com/

Location: Eskişehir, Turkey

Deadline: 15/02/2015

Start: 15/03/2015

End: 15/09/2015

19 May Youth Center is one of the social establishments of Eskisehir Tepebasi Municipality, became operational in July 2011. The Youth Center, is a non-profit local organization, established for the young people from 17-30, and aims to serve primarily underprivileged young population of the city. The center also became one of the three Eurodesk Contract Points in Eskisehir, in 2012. Accordingly, the center provides high quality information and advice concerning Europe to young people and those who work with them, organizes trainings and seminars in order to popularize the information about youth programs. However, we believed that in a city which is regarded as “The Student City” of Turkey with two big universities, the recognition level of the specifically EVS, generally Erasmus+ Youth Programs is low.

Accordingly, the project aims to promote Erasmus+ Youth Programs and Opportunities though organizing indoor and outdoor activities, workshops; providing visual, documental and verbal information to the youth population of Eskisehir, especially to the youths with disadvantageous, about the programs by using social media, organizing seminars, trainings and visiting universities and high schools. Providing an international dimension and a different point of view to our local projects is also one of the main aims about this project.

From this viewpoint, we are going to host one volunteer from Spain, who will be hosted in 2015 for 6-month period in Eskisehir which is a mid-size city in West Anatolia and regarded as “The Student City” of Turkey with two big universities. Project activities will take place in between 15 February – 15 August 2015.


The tasks of the volunteer will be; creating a web page or blog in behalf of the Youth Center in order to promote EVS Projects and Erasmus+ opportunities about youth; daily checks of EVS database, Salto-Youth’s web page, and other relevant social media accounts, daily updates of the youth center’s social media account; weekly researches on the topics that relevant to the youth issues, which will be identified by the EVS Office Coordinator at the Youth Center; participating the English Speaking Club Courses in the Youth Center and discussing the topic that she/he researches with the participants of the course; providing weekly reports about the discussion topics and sharing it via social media; participating to the seminars, contact meetings, and trainings about the Erasmus+ Programs and Eurodesk that will organized by the Youth Center; helping the young people to prepare CV’s and Motivation Letter’s, who want to join EVS projects; preparing a short film that will indicates his/her EVS experience.


Due to our partner is from Spain, we can accepting volunteer applications ONLY FROM SPAIN!!! * Has skills and knowledge about media and social media Works (ex. Web Design) * With experience in social responsibility projects * Developed communication skills * Knowledge about Youth opportunities of Erasmus+ * Compatibility on teamwork * Prone to the intercultural learning


As the project has been already approved we ask you to send application only if you are totally sure you want to participate. In order to apply, please, send us your CV and motivation letter to the Contact Person: Ezgi Gedik E-mail address: tepebasigncmrk@gmail.com It is possible we would like to speak with candidates (preferably Skype), so please put your skype in your CV. We will contact you soon AFTER the application deadline is over. All applicants will be informed about the decision. For further questions you can contact with us via e-mail.