Urgent! Approved project! EVS vacancy in Latvia – 12 months

EVS Connects PeopleLatvia

Location: Rezekne, Latvia

Application deadline: 23/02/2015

Start: 01/03/2015

End: 01/03/2016

Volunteer’s tasks: 

During the EVS, the volunteers will have the possibility to gain practical and professional skills (for instance,they will learn Latvian and Russian languages, practice PC skills), as well social skills (communication, intercultural learning). The volunteers will be learning through reflection and supervision that will be provided by the hosting and coordinating organizations. The volunteers will get to know both theoretical and practical principles how to work with children. They will learn alternative ways of communication and being patient. The volunteers will get to know special education methods that are used for children education, and they will learn how to approach and take care of kids and how Latvian education system works.

The volunteers are supposed to work under the guidance of our special education teacher and to cooperate with our educational assistants and other staff-members. The volunteers will participate in all daily activities. The volunteers will be supported during their service by the mentor in the hosting organization.
Typical activities are as following: self-help training, talking to children, language lessons, music, dance, sport, “locomotor” games, fine motor skills training, communication, swimming in a pool.
The volunteers are supposed to participate in the following activities: assisting the teacher during the workshops, support activities related to meals serving, preparation of lessons and educational tools. Everyday activities: helping children to change clothes after their arrival to pre-school, before and after walk and going to a swimming pool, going for a walk and swimming in a pool with children, strengthening of self-help activities, hygienic and eating habits of children, music lessons, development of children’s music perception; giving English lessons through games; development of the motor skills, assistance to children while working with toys, puzzles, educational tools, assistance to children during working with non-traditional materials, development of children communication skills, work with children in a swimming pool, preparation of wall-exhibitions of paintings and drawings made by children, participation in events organized by the pre-school.
According to the wish of the volunteers, they will be offered to organize common intercultural activities in the coordinating organization in order to interact with Rezekne society and youth, share information about their own cultures, exchange views on different traditions, experiences and learn new things from each other.

Application process: 

Send your CV to pasauleathome@yahoo.co.uk

Host organization:

The kindergarten was established in1973. It gives the pre-school education for around 130 children in six groups and employs 12 teachers. The target groups are the children of 1 -7 years old. The learning language is Russian. The working time of the kindergarten is from 07.00 till 17.30. The basic directions of education are the following: children’s intellectual and physical development, development of creative skills, as well as Latvian language training and individual approach to every child. Cooperation with parents has an important role in the pre-school education. Also there is the implementation of the national minorities’ pre-school education program. There is a swimming-pool in the kindergarten for physical development of small children. The kindergarten has many celebrations every year such as traditional and state holidays, anniversaries, children’s birthdays, celebrations of anniversaries and the day of establishment of the kindergarten “Namiņš” together with children’s parents, exhibitions of creative works, participation in the educational children’s theatre festival “Children Playing Pleasure” and participation in the poetry competition “Sound, My Language”.

The kindergarten “Namiņš” will host one volunteer this year. In the future it would like to host two European Volunteers in order to give children, staff and volunteers the chance to interact with people of different nationalities and cultures and give the opportunity to share information that will enrich and promote children’s learning. There are many children from Russian families in the kindergarten. Russians used to have the biggest number of large families in comparison with other national groups in Latvia. The program of the project is based on national minorities’ education. The volunteers will help to facilitate the integration process of children and staff into European community.