Approved project! EVS vacancy in Poland – 12 months

Youth for the world IIPoland

Location: Poland, Sosnowiec

Application deadline : 24/02/2015

Start: 07/03/2015

End: 23/02/2016

Task of volunteers and project activities:

– to establish and run European Club of Youth Initiatives/European Youth Club with the goal of increasing motivation of your people in Sosnowiec city to engage in European citizenship actions and promote its values.
– to run regular meetings of the Language Caffee for young people
– to cooperate with Senior Civic Club – running some transgenerational activities and initiatives with senior citizens
– to run Study Circle Group meetings in the topic referring to European Citizenship
– to promote Erasmus+ Program and mobilities opportunities to young people
– to present to the local community the culture of volunteers’ countries and national/regional/local tradition
– to run Youth European Networking with other organisations in Europe and share “good practices”
– to support regular activities in hosting organisation, cooperate with the staff
– to participate actively in social, cultural and public life in Sosnowiec city

Application process:

If your are interested in cooperation, send your CV and motivation letter here:, put in the title of the email: EVS Hosting Offer. We accept offers as soon as possible.

Host organization:

1) Project will be held in Active Women Association in Sosnowiec /Poland/, that since 12 years have been successfully running projects of Civic Engagement, Active Citizenship, Gender Equality and Empowerment in the nature – see the attachment – portfolio. Our EI number in data base: 2013-Pl-48
2) We accept only one volunteer from Spain, age: 18-30, both genders.
3) Since most of activities are run in European Citizenship& Civic Engagement field we are looking for volunteers who are interested in this field, having previous experiences or qualifications, maybe planning a social career in this field.
4) In general basic skills in english language are helpful for all candidates, as the project will be run in English
5) Volunteers work will be coordinated by staff of Active Women Association, volunteers will be supported by mentor
6) Pocket money – 85 Euro/month, Food Allowance, nice comfortable appartament in the city center of Sosnowiec, internet access, travel cost reimbursement / 275 E – Spain/
7) At the center of our EVS projects are the volunteering activities in the host organisations, not the leisure time activities of volunteers outside of the project, so volunteers should have the ability to organise their leisure time activities on their own. Nonetheless we assist in finding lots of leisure time activities and social networks.
8) We are expecting a volunteering service of 30 hours per week.
9) Project is aproved already, will start in March 2015 /as soon as volunteer can start/ and will last 12 months.