EVS Vacancy in Germany – 12 months

12 months EVS in Würzburg (Germany)Stamp of EVS

Location: Würzburg, Germany

Application deadline: 10/03/2015

Start: 15/09/2015

End: 15/09/2016

Volunteer’s tasks: 

Volunteers will be introduced to the various possibilities at our institution, such as the student-run company that prepares various dishes and snacks to be offered during breaks, the “Liason Office for Chronic Truants”, the bike repair shop, or the metal and wood working area. Together, volunteers and staff will decide on an individual basis which tasks and working areas will be appropriate. It is important that volunteers are able to discover and develop their skills, abilities, interests and talents within the spectrum of their duties. These should enable them to come into contact with other youth at our institution, thereby enabling volunteers to test and expand their social and intercultural skills in this foreign setting.

Application process:

We are going to apply for the project on 30.04.2015
Please send us your CV and motivation letter (in German) why you want to participate in that particular project!
Deadline of application is 10.03.2015

Coordinating organisation: Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken
Contact person: Anastazja Zydor
+49 931 60060412

Hosting organization:

The Don Bosco Vocational School in Würzburg is run under the sponsorship of the Caritas Schools gGmbH, a limited liability company operating on a non-profit basis for the public good. Don Bosco is a professional service provider tasked with ensuring the participation of disadvantaged and/or disabled young people in vocations in and around Würzburg, Main-Spessart, and Kitzingen. Don Bosco Vocational School and Consultation Centre provides personalised services in vocational orientation, preparation, training and in the transition into employment by offering individualised support services and qualification possibilities. We believe that a young person’s personal and social resources must be continually reinforced in a way that elicits their unified potential in order to achieve successful and fullfilling participation in society. Don Bosco Würzburg supports lifelong learning initiatives.

In the region of Unterfranken live each year around 15 volunteers. They are all in network which is supported by the coordinating organisation. You can read about the life of EVS volunteers here: https://freiwilligeninwuerzburg.wordpress.com/ or watch a movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-qFO982y5M&feature=youtu.be