EVS vacancy in Germany – 12 months

Extracurricular scientifical youth educationGermany

Location: Dresden, Germany

Application deadline: 20/04/2015

Start: 01/11/2015

End: 31/10/2016

Volunteer’s tasks:

The hosted volunteer is merged into the daily tasks of the employees and supports them in organising
all kinds of projects for children, youth and adults. The volunteer is involved as well in the arrangement of contents as in the guiding of participants. She/he is free to develop own projects, e.g. a youth exchange with the native country. The volunteer participates in internal meetings as well as in different network meetings. So she/he becomes aquainted with structures of the youth welfare service in Saxony. The volunteer works in the office, in institutions of youth work, schools, kindergartens all over Saxony. She/he learns about science (e.g. how to build a LEGO robot), about German law (why does LJBW get money from the state of Saxony), to speak German, about the geography and history of Saxony (by visiting the member organisations and learning about the formation of LJBW after the reunification of Germany)…

The volunteer is working in the office of LJBW. She/he is integrated in the team of 4 employees. She/he
develops own responsibilities in preparation and accomplishment of activities for children, youth and adults. These activities might be single afternoons, weeks during holidays or seminars and conferences. They are always about intermediation of science and technology. The volunteer may contribute to their contents, guide participants and organise the course of action.The volunteer will be on the road with the science bus (not on her
/his own) in many regions of Saxony to experimentalise, construct and research with children. She/he
is encouraged to develop an educational project of her own, e.g. a youth exchange with the native country.
The interest of children and youth in other cultures will be initialised and strengthened through the work of the volunteer. She/he will motivate young people from Saxony to do an EVS themselves.

Application process: 

please send CV and letter of motivation

Host organization:

The Association of Saxon Organisations for Youth Education is motivating girls and boys to work on scientific and technical topics in their spare time. The extracurricular youth education of LJBW, oriented on science and technology, follows annually changing current key aspects of science and society.
The projects are targeted at children, youth and professionals who are working with children and youth. Methods of further education can be seminars, workshops or conferences. Youth education is transmitted by holiday projects (from single days to a week), short projects in kindergarten, school or other institutions where kids meet. International youth work is one important activity of LJBW.
The employees of LJBW work in an office and in a centre for children and youth in Dresden. All around Saxony, there are more than 40 organisations that are members of LJBW and work with youth