Urgent! Approved project! EVS vacancy in Romania – 8 months – only for Italian or Portuguese applicants

EVS for mental healthGoing EVS

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Application deadline: 22/02/2015

Start: 01/04/2015

End: 30/11/2015

Volunteer’s tasks: 

We are looking for two volunteers, one Italian and one Portuguese, one boy and one girl, to participate in the project “EVS for mental health” in Romania, in the Minte Forte organization.
The goal of the project is to help and empower members of the local community in Cluj-Napoca in maintaining and improving their mental health. This will be done by:
1. Creation of a video awareness campaign on a mental health topic.
2. Organizing events for mental health education and personal development, twice a month, such as: workshops, lectures, movie screenings, interactive café, Human Libraries, theatre plays, concerts and other non-formal events. Also, Minte Forte organizes the Mental Health Week every April or May, consisting of a marathon of such events, in which EVS volunteers will also be involved.

3. Creating visibility for the Minte Forte activities and the EVS service, through blogging, social media, non-formal methods, leaflets, posters, flyers, etc.
4. Recreational activities for children hospitalized in the local Psychiatric section.
5. Project writing and partnership building under the Erasmus+ program.
6. Organizing fund raising events.
7. Conducting a mental health project, based on a personal idea, with the support of the Minte Forte team.

Profile of the volunteers: aged 18-30, empathetic, open, cooperative, motivated, oriented toward their own personal development and willing to learn new things and broaden their perspectives. Knowledge or interest in psychology or other social fields are preferred, but strong motivation to learn more about this field can be enough.

Application process:

If you wish to apply, please send an email with your CV and motivation letter until 22 February 2015, at the following address: dumitrita.simion@minteforte.ro. Some of the preselected candidates will be invited for a Skype interview until 28 February.
Contact person: Dumitrita Simion
Email: dumitrita.simion@minteforte.ro

Info pack EVS for mental health

Host organization:

Minte Forte is a non-profit organization from Cluj-Napoca. Founded in 2010, it promotes mental health through education, support for maintaining or enhancing mental health and psychological development.
Our vision is a society in which every individual takes care of their mental well-being on a daily basis and in which those who encounter difficulties receive support instead of being discriminated against.

Our beliefs are:
• Mental health is important for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or socio-economic status;
• Everyone has the ability to influence their mental health in a positive way;
• People can learn ways of improving mental health through education.
We focus on education to raise awareness of the factors that influence mental health and we offer support towards developing healthy ways of thinking and behaving.
Our target group includes everyone who wants to maintain or improve their mental health.