Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Lithuania

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Deadline: 20/01/2016

Start: 01/09/2016

End: 01/09/2017

Long term EVS at volunteers‘ centre in Kaunas, Lithuania
Project dates: 01/09/2016 – 01/09/2017 (12 months)
Place: Kaunas, Lithuania
Topic: youth at risk and volunteers!
2 volunteers in the organization – 1 in Open youth centre, and 1 in Volunteers‘ center
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About the host organization – Actio Catholica Patria
The nongovernmental public organization “Actio Catholica Patria” is working in Kaunas since 1991. This organization carries out follow-up activities, offering social and cultural services for children and young people aged 14 to 29 years. Also A.C.
Patria consults and provides training to other organizations and individuals in the development of volunteering and working with youth issues. A.C. Patria provides services to different groups of young people and strive to work with a wider range of work forms that different age groups and social needs of young people would be met. Employees of the organization are constantly improving their activities to ensure quality of work and discover new forms of work, corresponding to the changes in society.
Our main aims are:
• Create conditions for the voluntary activities and to carry out its development in Lithuania.
• Provide social services to young people.
• Organize and carry out a purposeful, focused on the needs of children and youth, activities.
• Provide information, consultation and training services to individuals and legal entities.
• To help youngsters from foster care home to prepare for independent life and integrate into the labour market.

Volunteers’ centre activities:
International programs: young (16-30m.) people from the European Union and partner countries coordination in voluntary service projects (EVS) and Lithuanian youth volunteer preparation to volunteer in other countries. Consultations for hosting and willing to host organizations in EVS projects frame. Mentors, Volunteers ‘friend’ preparation and support, which will help volunteer during EVS service in Lithuania.
Local programs: voluntary work coordination, organization in social institutions and organization of Kaunas city. Leading volunteers during voluntary experience.


Main tasks may vary upon volunteers’ desire, but we expect help in: • Presenting EVS and volunteering in general at schools, universities or other youth gathering places; • Help in spreading information (posters, leaflets, etc.) about EVS and volunteering in Kaunas; • Information updates in our websites, perhaps some other publishing activities; • Help in preparing monthly newsletter and posting it on the internet; • Help in preparation for the new EVS leavers in getting ready for their EVS, etc. • Usually, we have quite a lot of graphic work to do – decorating ads, preparing postures and other visual materials, photography skills and sense of aesthetics is very much welcomed! • PATRIA EVS volunteers blog! Volunteers would write impressions about their EVS and other volunteering experiences (use it as a tool of spreading EVS experiences to other organizations). Address here: • International Volunteering Day (December 5th) and Europe’s day (May 9th) events. (Dissemination of project results activities – invoking other EVS volunteers to organize and implement volunteering promotion events / activities (use own imagination with the help of workers). Volunteer will also be introduced to other centers activities, and offered to join Open Youth Centers‘ activities couple times a week, therefore would work also with other youngsters. These are just guidelines, but volunteer is welcomed to offer his/her own ideas and initiatives.


– The main character feature of the volunteer is the motivation for the learning process. We do not identify ourselves as teachers; the main idea about this is to be able to find the positive sense in every experience. When changing the culture you confront with many challenging things to learn: to understand different cultural codes, the values of special group of people you deal with, how the way of thinking and the lifestyle is influenced by the material norms of the country, the language and etc. – Interested not only in work with young people but more important in the young people themselves and in their world. – It would be great, if the volunteer would read this description before coming.  To these features we will pay attention during the recruitment process. We are going to have a personal contact during recruitment process (questionnaire, Skype conference or interview via phone) and before coming to a project.


Please send your CV and few sentences about why this particular activities fit your profile and how this project would be beneficial to you, send to until 20th January the latest and we’ll contact you ASAP! Looking forward to hearing from you!