Approved project – EVS vacancy in Albania for 2 Spanish volunteers



Contact person: Edvin Pacara

Organisation: Institute for Environmental Policy

Location: Tirana, Albania

Deadline: 25/01/2016

Start: 01/04/2016

End: 31/03/2017

Project title: European youth for a more sustainable future
The project consists in helping IEP in its daily activities and its projects on environment, climate change and raising of environmental awareness, and in the motivation of young people to become more active citizens in the field of environment and sustainability. IEP had a variety of topics where its projects are mostly concentrated, ranging from water management to youth and environment, from purely scientific to raising awareness of youth, so volunteers are expected to love different environmental topics.


1. IEP’s activities and projects have an environmental topic, so it is expected that the EVS volunteers will help and assist in all stages of the activities and projects, from inception to implementation. They will bring along their previous experiences and learn by engaging in IEP’s activities, assist in implementing our projects, and are expected to feel free to propose and initiate their own initiatives and projects with the assistance of IEP’s staff.

2. Special emphasis in their work will be the development of Youth and Environment topic, through developing environmental projects for youth (youth exchanges, training, seminars, camping, and excursions) and connecting them with Erasmus+ program or other programs where we can get funding for the implementation of the projects.

3. Help in adding content and managing IEP’s website and social networks accounts – help in the preparation of information for the website, writing short descriptions of their activities, describing their EVS experience-life and work in IEP and Albania, researching on environmental issues in Albania and in the world, and bringing environmental news from their own countries.

4. Translate news related to environment from English (and Albanian) if possible, into Spanish and Catalan, in order to promote Albania and connect IEP with Spanish and Catalan NGOs and activities.

5. Help in organizing fairs and public activities related to environment. We encourage them to come up with their own ideas. Together with the people from IEP, they could help to organize an international meeting of young people and be involved in a wide range of activities. At the same time, this event also gives the volunteer the chance to establish contact with a great variety of youth.

6. Apart from help by the above mentioned programs, the volunteers will have a chance to get involved also in other projects of IEP. The volunteers could help by organizing conferences, seminars, discussions, simulation games, thematic evenings, campaigns, trainings, etc. Recognizing their potential we also invite volunteers to help us establish new contacts in their home countries or regions with whom IEP could develop future initiatives.

7. The volunteers will be encouraged to come up with their own ideas and make their own projects during their stay in Albania. IEP staff will provide support through all stages of the process. Volunteers are encouraged also to contribute with suggestions on how to make the participation of youth and volunteers in IEP’s projects more successful. Thanks to participation in our projects the young people will have the chance to learn many new things, develop new skills and competencies. Some of them include: Greater understanding and appreciation for Albanian culture, as volunteers will have formal and non-formal opportunities to learn about specific elements of the culture during the training after the arrival, participating in office meetings, meetings with local partners, participation in planning activities and implementation of projects with local partners and in local communities all over Albania. Understanding and working knowledge of the Albanian language. Besides regular lessons, daily practice with all staff members and, most importantly, immersion in the Albanian culture, will enable the volunteers to gain proficiency in the Albanian language. Project design and management skills through implementation of different projects, where they will learn how to plan a project, design, write, organize and plan a project. These skills can be of great value for volunteers, especially those who will pursue a future career within the civil society sector. Working in an environment with another culture will help them see their culture from a different perspective and help them learn how to work into another European culture.


Profile of the volunteers: EVS volunteers for this project are expected to be young people of 20-30 years old, preferably Catalans but also Spanish in general. They should be willing to participate in activities of non-formal learning, be able to do teamwork, be able work independently, and love topics related to environment in general. The participants will be youth who need to learn in a non-formal ways and get skills by being involved in activities, projects, training, seminars, and other non-formal activities that NGOs implement during the day. Besides these skills, they should be willing and looking forward to get a valuable experience by participating in activities in a multicultural environment, get new language skills, and offer their experience and skills in helping the receiving NGO. The following are required from Volunteers:

– Good level of English (knowledge of any other language is an asset);
– Ability to adapt to and work in multicultural environments;
-Willingness to bring their previous experience in working with environmental projects;
– Flexibility and autonomy;
– Team-work orientation and problem-solving skills;
– Spirit of initiative, willingness to learn and deal with new challenges;
– Capacity and experience in organizing activities and events;
– Active and communicative attitude;
– Interest in the project’s objectives;
– Interest in the EU Action and Youth Programmes.


Candidates should send their Motivation Letter and CV at: and