Vacancy in approved EVS project in Italy



ITALY 2Contact person: Liberi Sogni ONLUS

Organisation: Cooperativa Sociale Liberi Sogni

Location: Galbiate (LC), Italy

Deadline: 02/02/2016

Start: 02/05/2016

End: 02/12/2016

The cooperative Liberi Sogni (that means free dreams in Italian) is very active in its territory since 2006 and works organizing social, cultural and environmental projects in the districts of Lecco, Bergamo and Monza e Brianza.
Our activities mainly involve children, adolescents and their families.
Liberi Sogni always considered the intercultural theme very important. Many people that work in the cooperative have lived abroad for volunteering or working experiences (in countries as Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru, Iceland, Sweden) and experimented directly the importance of to promoting solidarity and attention towards other cultures, especially among young people.

Our organization is involved in creating projects and learning experiences, excelling personal and community behaviors that are positive, creative and sustainable, with a special attention to the dream component.
The cooperative works mainly in two fields:
CULTURE AND SOCIAL ANIMATION: the cooperative organizes and manages theatre, musical and artistic workshops, summer and winter camps in the nature, training course and seminars. All our proposal are linked by the will of increase the local community awareness towards the richness of local culture without losing the importance of the connection with the rest of the world and the exchange with different realities.
From November 2012, the cooperative, with the municipality of Galbiate, manage the activities in a place called “parco ludico” that has a key-role for the locals for what concerns the educational and cultural field, sport and music.
From September 2013 the cooperative manage didactic and cultural services in the Abegg Silk Museum in Garlate (
– ENVIRONMENT: the cooperative is involved in promoting environmental protection, presenting alternative and sustainable ways of life through workshops in the schools, green days, weekends into the nature and “Environmental Creative Camps” with teenagers to preserve old woods and valorize our territory.
Since 2014 we are involved in a new project “Crazy-lienza” in a wood settle in Valgreghentino (LC) where we could create a local resilience center.
We think that hosting an EVS volunteer is an important occasion to share ideas, point of views and competences with people coming from different cultures but that want to get involved in our environment.


The volunteer will be active in different projects of the cooperative, most of all in the “Parco Ludico” project: a place that has a key-role for the locals for what concerns the educational and cultural field, sport and music in the village og Galbiate (LC). The volunteer will help to organize events, take care of the place and build relationship with the young people. The volunteer will also have the possibility to create events as workshops. Please see the facebook page ( The EVS volunteer will be involved in other projects as: residential summer camps in the wood, support during events in the silk museum and in other occasions. The activities will include as well some hard work, for instance to help building up the residencial summer camp in the wood. The volunteer, before starting, will attend an adequate orientation in our organization and training about our working areas, will be given a mentor and a tutor who will guide and accompany him/her during his/her whole experience. We think that hosting an EVS volunteer is an important occasion to share ideas, point of views and competences with people coming from different cultures but that want to get involved in our environment, as well as a good occasion to improve languages (English, Italian). The EVS experience will be challenging both for the volunteer then for the cooperative collaborators, our users and the local community. Moreover, the contact with the volunteer can be useful to help young people with whom we work to have an international view, wide their horizons and feel European citizens, as well as to know the possibilities that UE gives to the youth in term of mobility and personal growth. Working with our collaborators, the volunteer will improve his/her human and professional knowledges and competences and will be an important part of our environmental and intercultural work in the local territory.


To be selected, the volunteer will need to have:

– Mimimum age: 22 years old
– Strong motivations, inclination towards change, research and creation of a new world made of harmony among people and between people and environment
– Strong aptitude for putting oneself at stake and desire for learning
– Inclination to team-working and to gradual integration in a team
– Desire of professional growth in the fields of environment and youth working
– Desire of sharing his/her previous competences in the fields of environment and interculture
– Inclination towards building relationships with people, regardless of age, culture, religion, both in his/her personal life and in a professional field
– Open-mindeness and adaptability in facing possible inconveniences and necessities that can emerge from the projects and, more in general, from the whole experience
– Inclination to combine a more theorical dimension with practical and manual activities.
– Passion for nature, environment and the mountains;
– willingness to adapt his/herself to different weather and environmental conditions
– Willingness to learn Italian
– flexiblity in time schedule and in the days of activity


PLEASE CONTACT US AT Volunteers will be selected considering their motivation, willingness to get involved, passions and hobbies, and considering their desires and interests. We will first consider their CV and letter of motivation and then there will be individual meeting arranged by the sending organization, in order to identify the most adequate candidates. Moreover, Liberi Sogni will contact by email, telephone or skype the applicants to get to know each other better and clarify any doubt about the project. In this phase, we will examinate the applicants’ profiles in order to assure that the project matches with their personality and interests. We will as well embrace their suggestions and ideas. .