Approved project EVS vacancy only for Italian volunteer in Romania

Contact person: Cooperativa MuovimenteEVS
Coordinating organisation: Muovimente
Host: Nocrich Scout Centre
Location: Nocrich, Romania
Deadline: 15/02/2016
Start: 01/04/2016
End: 30/11/2016

Nocrich Scout Centre – H. C. Habermann is the only scout centre belonging to the National Organization of Romanian Scouts and it was opened in 2010 in the village of Nocrich, 30 km away from Sibiu.
Nocrich Scout Centre aims to support the development of scouting in Romania by offering activities for groups of scouts from Romania and abroad and getting involved in the community life.
On one side the scout centre offers groups the opportunity of developing their scout camp in Nocrich. It offers both support and activities for groups from Romania and also abroad who want to visit Nocrich and have their scout camp in the scout centre.
On the other side they offer scout activities for the children and the young people from the village of Nocrich and they have weekly activities with them, as well as scout camps. Currently, the centre works with two age groups; lupisori (7-10 years old) and temerari (11-14 years old).

The busiest time of the year is the summer. During July and August scout groups come and have their camp in the scout centre.
Project Objectives: – developing scout activities for the children and young people from the village of Nocrich – creating new educational activities which are offered by the scout centre to groups – promoting volunteering and Nocrich Scout Centre The weekly schedule will include the following activities: weekly planning, documenting and self-guided learning, classes of Romanian language, personal project, online and offline promotion of volunteering, scout activities for young people aged 7-18, involvement in the creation of activities for guests (pottery and ceramics workshop, nonformal education activities, permaculture pedagogical garden, tour of the fortified evangelic church, scout camps & activities), developing activities for the scout from Nocrich, administrative tasks, weekly evaluation, meetings with the mentor. The project seeks to contribute to the personal development of the participants by involving volunteers in the life of the scout centre and the impact of the project will target both the participants but also the community and the organizations involved in this project. The long-run outcomes of this project will result in the changing of perspective over the volunteers’ life but also of the community and the involved organisations.
They ideally are looking for a scout to join the centre. Our purpose is finding the right volunteers whose learning expectations and needs are met within our project objectives, so that we can find the right balance between expectations and desired outcomes of the project.
The selection of the volunteers will be done by making an analysis of CVs and letters of motivation submitted by candidates via email at and then forwarded to the scout centre. After an initial triage, they will conduct a 30 minute Skype interview with each of the selected candidates.

More details: Nocrich Scouts