Approved project vacancy for 2 Czech volunteers in Poland

PolandESER “PIONIER” is honour to welcome in Poland two volunteers from Czech Republic.

If you want to get new knowledge, develop your skills and meet great people – it’s the best option for you! Sign up today for our project.

Period: 1.03.2016 – 29.02.2017

Application deadline: 5 th of February 2016

Send us your CV to Contact:

About project:

The project Power of volunteering! implies the involvement of volunteers from Czech Republic 12 monthly activities of the organization ESER “PIONIER”. The volunteers will have the opportunity of cooperation with the local community (with special emphasis on children, students and seniors). The subject of activities will concern the aspects of volunteering abroad and the mobility of young people in Europe. The activities will be realised through including educational workshops Eurowarsztaty (Euroworkshops) conducted by volunteers, educational activities for children and teenagers, the organisation of integration meetings and animation activities.

What is more, volunteers will conduct language workshops and classes in which the volunteers will use their individual abilities and talents. The volunteers will also make “Dziennik wspomnień” (My Diary), in which there will be information about the successive stages of project, new activities and challenges, impressions and comments related to volunteer work but also related to life in a new environment. “Dziennik wspomnień” will be published on the website of the applicant. The project will result primarily in gaining the knowledge, skills and experience (including the ability to organize work, teamwork, training and workshops, animation activities, cooperation with people at different ages, meetings with a coachen and a professional counselor), which will be an added value in volunteers’ lives. The project will have a positive impact not only on the volunteers but also the members of the organisation and the people of Warmia and Mazury region. Thanks to the promotional activities and the involvement of volunteers in local activities the inhabitants of Olsztyn will find out what EVS, the Erasmus+ program and European mobility are. The volunteers will become a positive role model for those who are looking for new paths of their development in UE countries.