Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Austria – Loackerhuus

AustriaContact person: Clemens Rüdisser
Coordinating organisation: aha Tipps Infos für junge Leute
Host: Loackerhuus Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg GmbH 
Location: Götzis, Austria
Deadline: 22/02/2016
Start: 05/09/2016
End: 04/09/2017

The Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg is an organization founded in 1967.
Loackerhuus is a subsidiary institution which was opened in March 2011 in Götzis, near Dornbirn. Our general principle is “people need people” no matter whether you have a disability or not. Our work focuses on the uniqueness of every human being and in the belief that society depends on every individual person and every individual person depends on the society.
Loackerhuus is an institution for people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems starting at the age of 16 and going on to retirement.

Loackerhuus is intended as an open meeting place with the object of offering individuals in the town and nearby region an opportunity to take part in public life. The Loackerhuus-Café offers the possibility for people with and without disabilities to meet socially. We employ 21 people with intellectual disabilities and behavioural problems.

Furthermore Loackerhuus offers:

The Café in Loackerhuus is designed to meet the needs of families and children.
With this in mind, food and drink is served in flavour and size to match children’s tastes.
Everything offered on the menu in Loackerhuus-Café is prepared exclusively with local ingredients. The cakes and biscuits offered are homemade in the kitchen on site. The ingredients vary according to season. In a corner of the Café there is a play area with child-sized furniture, books and games.

The kitchen is organized by a pastry cook and confectioner, whose job is to teach the handicapped how to cook and bake with the given ingredients. Additionally snacks and light meals are made for external sale.

Creative group:
The creative workshop is to be found in the top floor. This area is a combined place for work, therapy and training. Decorative objects are produced.

ARTelier workshop:
The handicapped employees, their families, friends and visitors can take part in a multitude of creative activities; they can paint and create works of art. The staff at the ARTelier can offer their expertise and supply a range of artistic materials. The importance of the individual needs of each person is recognized and taken into account, which in turn enhances the inspiring surroundings.

Our staff has a pedagogic and a subject-specific training, which is a basic requirement for our concept.
The volunteer will work five days a week, 34 hours a week including German course. S/he will have two days holidays per month. The role of the EVS volunteers will be to work along with our employees and people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems, mainly in one of our three working areas (Café, Kitchen and Creative workshop). The volunteer will be encouraged and accompanied to support people to tackle a task for themselves, not to do things for them, in order for them to realize their potential and abilities. The work of the volunteer will be guided by our professional employees. Also there is free space to create and implement own ideas. We are welcoming new and creative ideas, which we believe adds new perspectives to our organisation. Some typical daily activities from each group: Café: The volunteer has the possibility to learn how to welcome the guests, serve meals and beverages, work at the bar and make preparations for the days work, etc. Kitchen: Helps with the production of cakes and biscuits, supports and instructs individuals with disabilities with everyday domestic activities, etc. Creative group: Supports and instructs individuals with disabilities using creative work e. g. painting, papermaché objects, felt objects, etc. Every group has a trained employee who is responsible for the complete organization and needs of the group. This employee is also responsible for the support of the volunteer, for answering any questions that arise and for instructing the volunteer in the given activities.
The volunteer that we are looking for should be first of all an open minded person, open for new situations. S/He should have the will to work with people with disabilities with patience. We would also be happy to have a person who can integrate good in a new working team and who is also able to share with us her/his cultural background.
We only consider the application who as been send directly to this E-Mail address – Please write a mail with your CV (incl. picture of you, date of birth,…) and motivation letter. After the application deadline we will have selection rounds with the staff! During those selection rounds it’s possible that we will contact you for further information through mail, phone calls or Skype! Don’t forget to add the name of the project when you apply for it!

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