Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in France

Contact person: Mission Locale de lAgglomération de LensLiévinFrance
Organisation: Mission Locale de lAgglomération de Lens Liévin
Location: Liévin, France
Deadline: 04/03/2016
Start: 01/09/2016
End: 31/08/2017

The work of Mission Locale de l’Agglomération de Lens-Liévin is about the social and occupational integration of young people. Few years ago, we have also developed an international department. We did it with the aim to develop the international mobility as a vector of integration and also to propose ambassadors of the territory and of mobility. Our main goal is to help young people benefit from a worthwhile experience abroad, paying special attention to everyone’s experience and skills. Since we consider mobility as a way of integration and coeducation which allows developing social, professional and intercultural skills, we encourage them to take active role in international mobility and training. Leaving their comfort zone and discovering a new environment and culture will help them to become more autonomous, responsible above all to identify, reinforce and make the best use of the acquired skills.

At the Mission Locale we host young unemployed people from 16 to 25. It is a place where they can find needed information and some support for their social and professional integration. Indeed, the structure wants to offer the young registered at the Mission Locale the opportunity to live an experience in a foreign country and to discover a new culture.

In order to inform, heighten awareness and accompany young people, we would like to welcome volunteers who will testify about their experiences to the employees of the structure and to our young people. By being here, the volunteers will contribute to develop a better understanding of the European diversity within the structure and among young people.

We will welcome a young volunteer, with a minimum of 20 years, who is highly motivated for the European mobility experience. His task will be sharing his mobility experience and introducing his country and culture to other young people. Also, volunteers should be sensitive to people with social problems.

– promoting European mobility programs such as European Voluntary Service (EVS), Erasmus Internship Program… – animation of collective information meetings – developing new partnerships and projects – animating of language coffees – leading intercultural and linguistic workshops – creating of communication materials on mobility – networking with former volunteers – discovering the local cultural life (participation in cultural activities) – presenting his/her country in everyday conversation and on special occasions (exhibition, international dinner…)
– able to integrate into the multicultural environment – sensitive with people in need – being dynamic, autonomous, open-minded, tolerant – willing to gain and share experience, knowledge and skills – basic knowledge of French language – having more than 20 years
The Mission Locale is ready to give a chance to each candidate and the answer will be given to each application. Application process : 1st step : Send your CV and motivational letter to this email : 2nd step : If you are selected you will need to fill in a questionnaire. 3rd step : Skype interview and final decision.