Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Netherlands

NetherlandsContact person: Hanske Mulder
Coordinating organisation: Wereldhuis
Host: Wereldhuis:
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Deadline: 05/03/2016
Start: 01/09/2016
End: 01/08/2017

The worldhouse is a community center for information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented migrants. The worldhouse is one of the projects developed by the Protestantde Diaconie Amsterdam.

In the worldhouse migrants do not have to depend on others for a while. Central to our work is the participation and empowerment of migrants. In the worldhouse migrants get the space to organize or to participate in different social/cultural-activities; like music, art, cooking, discussion groups or spiritual groups. It is also possible to follow language courses and computer classes.

We stimulate young people to share their talents and ideas. Most of the activities in the worldhouse are organized by young undocumented migrants themselves. At present we have 450 weekly visitors.

Besides our activities, we also give space for undocumented migrants to organize themselves and speak up for their rights. Several migrant organizations meet at the worldhouse.

The worldhouse project has 3 main objectives. First: to create a house where migrants find a welcome home where they can learn new skills, empower themselves, become active and organize themselves. Second: to create visibility to the life of undocumented migrants in Amsterdam for the larger public by creative projects. Third: to be a lively community of migrants and people that want to offer their support.
Central to the worldhouse are our ‘’empowerment activities’’ for migrants without documents.

In the worldhouse migrants get the space to organize or participate in different social/cultural-activities (sport, music, art, discussion groups, spiritual groups), to follow courses and classes (language classes, computer classes e.o.), and to share their talents and ideas.

Our working methodology is based on stimulating the sharing of knowledge and developing talents. Every person has talents and skills. By sharing these with each other, we can learn.
We offer the possibility to learn new skills within our diverse team, according to the personal interest and wishes of the volunteer. The volunteer can join staff members working together in many different fields of work, applying diverse skills and knowledge in their daily work. In the wereldhuis the following fields of work come together: – social work; – activity development and coordination; – logistics; – organization and management; – advocacy skills in the field of human rights Examples of activities the volunteer can undertake: 1) be a host for worldhouse visitors: welcoming (new) visitors, having a chat with them, listening to their needs and wishes, reporting to the coordinators 2) doing ‘’intake-conversations’’ with new clients of the social work counseling 3) supporting the ‘’worldhouse college’’ activities The worldhouse offers a wide range of activities to our visitors. These range from language classes, to music classes, cooking groups, discussion groups, creative courses class etc.etc. The EVS volunteer can either organize a new activity (like art class) – in respond to requests from the visitors – help out with an existing activity or help organizing the day (supporting the activitycoordinator with her coordinating work) 4) supporting the women’s day activities Every Thursday there is a day for women at wereldhuis, volunteers offer different activities, like yoga, language classes, creative activities and children’s activities. The EVS volunteer can either organize a new activity (like art class), help out with an existing activity (like assisting one of the activity groups), or help organizing the day (supporting the activitycoordinator with her coordinating work) 5) assisting language and computer courses 6) assisting with sport activities (volleyball e.o.) and indoor games during open house afternoons As mentioned before, central to the worldhouse’s way of working, is our ‘’empowerment’’ approach. Our daily work is to support young people to develop themselves, starting from their own power and possibilities. After the initial introduction to the worldhouse, a volunteer can indicate what his/her interests and talents are or what he/she would like to learn. Based on this knowledge, we can discuss together what can be possible fields of volunteering.
-motivation to work with migrants -cooperative character -interested in learning from other cultures -interested in working in multicultural setting
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