Vacancy for Lithuanian Volunteer in Greece

GreeceContact person: EVS Patria
Coordinating organisation: NGO Actio Catholica Patria
Host: EDRA
Location: Peristeri, Greece
Deadline: 20/02/2016
Start: 01/08/2016
End: 30/05/2017

About the hosting organization:
Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups – “EDRA” is a Non Governmental Organization located in Peristeri, in western Athens since 2001. “EDRA” operates in the field of mental health and intellectual disabilities and provides community services to people with mental health problems. EDRA has ISO accreditation 9001: 2008, it is registered in the National Registry for Non Profit Private Bodies as well as in the special Registry for Voluntary Non Governmental Organizations.

It is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Health for providing psychosocial services. More specifically, “EDRA” has developed two rehabilitation units (for 25 “residents”/mental health service users) for the deinstitutionalisation of mental-health service users who lived for years in public psychiatric institutions, and provides social and psychological rehabilitation, development of their social skills, social and economical integration, and in general, a therapeutic environment.
About the placement
EDRA is located in the Municipality of Peristeri and generally develops structures and actions in the area of Western part of Attica. Peristeri is the 4th largest municipality in the country and as a City of West Athens, is bordered by the municipalities of Ilion (north), Athens (east), Egaleo (south) Chaidari (west) and Petroupoli (northwest). The population is estimated at approximately 350,000 inhabitants. At Peristeri, and other municipalities in West Attica, live people of various socio-economic and cultural characteristics, while hosting a large number of economic migrants from different countries. Both the economic / commercial and social life of the city is strong. The residents and visitors alike, bene¬t from many health-care services, education, entertainment, and so on. Periseri is located within close distance from the centre of Athens and is connected by a large network of public transport with all municipalities (Metro, bus, trolley).
The volunteers that will be hosted by the organization EDRA will be involved in activities that focus on supporting people with mental health problems/intellectual disabilities and other people at risk of social exclusion. In the context of the project, volunteers will experience solidarity with disadvantaged groups, will serve as models of behaviour (role models), and will help at raising awareness in their peers in the local community and later, after returning to their country. Secondly, the project provides learning opportunities for the young volunteers, enriches their knowledge and skills in a context of non-formal learning. Their learning will be achieved through a sustained support from mental health professionals, assessment and guidance. Thirdly, the project provides all volunteers with an opportunity not only to gain experience by working within a unit of psychosocial rehabilitation, participating in different therapy groups, but also the opportunity of a rich intercultural learning, acquiring communication skills in at least one new language (the Greek), improving communication in a second language (English), getting to know the Greek culture (through constant daily contact with the locals), and obtaining rich intercultural learning, staying together with other young people from different cultural environments for a long time (8 months)
Age: 18 -30 Nationality: Lithuanian or Lithuania resident Gender: Any What we are looking for? Being a volunteer does not require any specific skills or knowledge in advance, so every young person, who wish to participate in the project, is potential candidate to be hosted as volunteer by the organization EDRA. Candidate volunteers is important to have a strong motivation to work in the field of disability / discrimination / protection of vulnerable groups.
If you want to apply for this project send your CV and specific motivation letter in English to . Deadline for applications is 2016.02.20