EVS vacancy in Bulgaria

Green Voluntаry Service
 1st April 2016 till 1st November 2016 (7 months) – including travel days
Application deadline: as soon as possible
In Green Voluntary Service 4 volunteers from Hungary, Spain, France and Italy will be hosted in Bulgaria. Most of the volunteering will be held in the workshop and social centre of Green Association, which are located in the town of Momin prohod, and outdoors in its surroundings. Another part of the activities will take place in the major cities of Bulgaria, often this will happen in Sofia and Plovdiv as the closest located cities to our workshop and social centre.

Sending Organizations:
Asociación Mundus – Un mundo a tus pies (Spain) – 1 volunteer
Messzelátó Egyesület (Hungary) – 1 volunteer
Itinéraire International (France) – 1 volunteer
Associazione di promozione sociale Joint (Italy) – 1 volunteer
Hosting Organization:
Green Association (Bulgaria)
According to the application that was approved the volunteers’ selection should take into consideration the following criteria:
– Between 18 and 30 years old;
– Gender balance (2 girls and 2 boys);
– With different backgrounds (including fewer opportunities);
– With different competences and interests (sustainability, permaculture, event management, project’s development, youth activities, multimedia, etc.).
Green Voluntary Service is a long term EVS project of Green Association with a duration of 7 months, which will start in April 2016 and end in October 2016. In this project 4 volunteers from 4 different European countries will be hosted in Bulgaria. Most of the volunteering will be held in the workshop of Green Association, which is located in the town of Momin prohod, and outdoors in its surroundings. Another part of the activities will take place in several different farms near Plovdiv.
Undoubtedly, many of the activities of the volunteers will be held outdoors in the nature and will be focused on its preservation. Permaculture is an essential part of our philosophy and the work in the garden is essential to its implementation. Volunteers will have the chance to acquire basic knowledge of farming in its pure organic form. Permaculture also takes part in the construction of passive houses and ecological habitats in general. Permaculture is a set of methods for sustainable land design. Volunteers will be actively involved in the development and implementation of activities related to permaculture and will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the ecological and biological principles, which aims to create stable, productive systems that meet human needs, harmoniously integrating the people and the land. Permaculture principles can be applied in any environment and scales – from urban blocks of flats to country houses, from small farms to large regions. Our task as well as that of our volunteers is to build working models of permaculture in order to promote them later.
Green volunteers can also get experience in organizing events promoting sustainable living. The broader sense of this concept gives a large field of interpretation. Among the main activities to achieve our objectives are the organization of workshops, seminars, workshops, festivals and other events that will provide valuable experience to our volunteers in the field of PR, communication, advertising and event management in general.
Events in which our organization has experience and wants to work on are not only related to sports and outdoor activities but also to art and culture, because we believe this is the shortest way to impact on our target group, namely young people. Taking part in activities related to such events our volunteers will have the opportunity to share an informal environment with their peers with similar interests and principles.
Principles of direct democracy and self-governance, which are essential for Green association will ensure equality and are a basic tool for the realization of volunteer ideas. The main goal of our organization is to give a chance to the valuable ideas of young people and their implementation is our project priority.
Asociación Mundus – Un mundo a tus pies (Spain), Itinéraire International (France), Associazione di promozione sociale Joint (Italy), Messzelátó Egyesület (Hungary) – 275,00€ / volunteer
Please pay attention to the new rules of Erasmus+ regarding travel costs. There’s no longer the 90% of reimbursement of real travel costs for EVS. Now we have just a lump sum (see above) and if the travel cost is higher the participant or sending organization should support the difference between the lump sum and the real cost.
Momin prohod is located nearby Sofia and Plovdiv airports. Green Association will organize the pick-up services between airport and Momin prohod (10€/person each way) – value included if under the maximum travel costs above indicated.
The working hours of the volunteers will be in general, 6-7 hours a day from Monday to Friday, within 30-35 hours per week. During the conduct of weekend events their due days will be compensated before and after the event.
Volunteers will be accommodated in double rooms in а guest house or flat near the social centre and workshop of Green Association. Volunteers will organize the food themselves according to their own preferences. For this purpose they will receive a lump sum of 170 euro each on a monthly basis. Pocket money are fixed to 70 euro.
Since volunteers will be accommodated in close proximity to the locations of their service, it won’t be necessary to use local transport.
Green Association is quite young organization and volunteers will have the unique change to leave a significant mark in our evolution. They will lay the foundations of our main principles and activities!
The workshop and social centre of our organization is in construction and designing mode and our goal for this year is to make them fully functional with volunteers’ help.
Initial volunteer selection will be made on the basis of CV and short motivation. Only highly motivated volunteers will be taken into consideration and shortlisted candidates will be contacted after the deadline.

Plese apply at 2greena3@gmail.com with CV and motivation letter.