EVS Vacancy in Spain – 10 months

Growing up TogetherSPAIN

Location: Guadalajara (Spain)

Period: 20/02/2016 – 30/09/2016

Deadline: 14 February 2016

Vasija Association was founded by a group of people from Guadalajara (Spain) with vocation to children and young people with difficulties in their familiar environment. The scope of our project has no limits, always deeply involved with our community needs.
We have gained experience after working almost 20 years in the children and youth field. First of all working with minors, aged between 0 to 18, with family problems, taking them into our foster homes. In these homes we cover not only the children´s basic needs but also we satisfy other kind of needs; love and values, sometimes diminished because of the lack of the parental figure. As well as preparing activities and companioning them day to day by helping with their problems and giving them all the needed support.

Growing up together” has a total duration of 10 months, from February until September 2016. The activities schedule is from Monday to Friday, from 16 to 22h. We request to work one weekend a month (the days off will be compensated during the week), also they have the right to enjoy two days of holiday per month.
The proposed tasks are:
• To help children doing homework, above all English homework.
• To go with children to different activities out of school and for the free time.
• To support the house tasks.
• To supervise and look after minors
• To provide a good environment based on the acceptance, security and affection.
• To help to find out and carry out their physics, intellectual and emotional abilities, benefiting their growth.
• To promote the minor insertion in the society in a responsible and constructive way, encouraging relation rules, solidarity, respect and democratic skills.
• To plan and carry out educative funny and illustrative tasks needed to develop the residential assistance program.

If you want to apply for this project send your CV and specific motivation letter in English to anaasociacionvasija@gmail.com . Deadline for applications is 2016.02.14.