EVS Vacancy in Bulgaria

“Fresh life”Bulgaria EVS

Location: Bulgaria, Lovech

Period: 15/03/2016 – 01/04/2017

Deadline: 22 February 2015

The “Ecomission 21 Century” association Lovech is a non-profit organization. Its members are united in the missions to defend the human right to live in a eco-friendly environment, increase youth participation in public life, and confirm the civil and social principles of democracy. Organisation’s activities are mainly directed to voluntarism confirmation and actively public youth participation in the community life.

Aims of the organization: To promote public participation and to strengthen the relationships between local organizations, schools, businesses and municipal authorities. To promote youth participation in activities for social and personal development, providing activities for the social adaptation of marginalized youth. To protect the human right. To actively work for sustainable, democratic, social development and to affirm the principles of civil society.
The mission of the organization is to defend the rights of people to live in an ecological-friendly environment, undertaking measures to improve the quality of the environment, information dissemination in order to increase public awareness on ecological issues and the education of Bulgaria’s citizens on the importance of recycling and other environmentally minded issues. The organization also works closely with the youth of the region, involving them in beneficial, educational activities, including: cultural youth exchanges, projects involving Bulgaria’s accession into the European Union, and activities centered on the local Municipality.

Presentation to the local community Advertising campaigns for recruitment of participants in the activities of volunteers. They will prepare promotional materials and will visit schools and sports clubs to promote the project activities and Erasmus + to be able to successfully recruit participants in sports teams, competitions, festivals, marathons, artatelie and outdoor activities in eco class room. Art atelier and Eco class room. Interactive activities in the eco class room with students related to nutrition, environmental protection – energy, water, waste, protection, cleaning and storage of contaminated areas, composting, planting plants and others. They will engage students from local schools, teachers, parents and team organization. In the art studio throughout the period of the project will be made souvenirs of waste and ecological materials. Preparation of information materials on the topics: Healthy Eating and place of organic foods, herbs and honey Meetings with herbalists, associations of beekeepers and farmers. Sharing and promotion of experience Participation in three exhibitions organized by the host organization dedicated to: •Celebration of Herbs – June 24. • Еxposure of honey. • Autumn exhibition of farm products – fruit, vegetables, milk and milk products / with the participation of representatives from the North Central region / Exhibition and tasting. Outside practice Establishment of Club: “Followers of healthy eating” Making a film of the project Meetings with children and young people Competition for verbal creativity and drawing “Healthy life and nature” – with the participation of children and young people across the country. Promotional materials for the promotion of EVS and Erasmus + on the local level. Week of European culture. Within five days EVS volunteers and Bulgarian youth will organize a day dedicated to his / her home country – Exhibition of photos, music, posters, food

Send your CV and Motivation letters in English to aneliaatanasova92@gmail.com

Website of the organization – http://www.ecomission21.com/
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Ecomission-21st-Century-312349002133047/?fref=ts
Email for contact – aneliaatanasova92@gmail.com