Urgent! – EVS Vacancy on Spain



Period: 01/03/2016 – 30/11/2016

Application Deadline: 16 February 2016

The Altius Francisco de Vitoria Foundation aims to promote social action and any practice of volunteerism among young people. The Altius Foundation was created on April 9, 2002, in order to promote social action in favour of the most vulnerable groups of society, the fight against social exclusion, the strengthening of the Third Sector of social action, empowerment and consolidation of voluntary work among young people and the aim of contributing to improve their situation and to ensure their social integration Labor and cultural as well as, in another field, promote education and cooperation for development.

In Valencia in order to improve the living conditions, both economic and social, and achieve a normalization of the personal and family situation of parents with children who are in a situation of social exclusion is created in 2013 the ALTIUS project with the collaboration of the town hall of Valencia and the Obra Social LA CAIXA. This project serves comprehensively several families through three main axes:
-Attention to children outside school hours through activities of leisure and free time and school reinforcement
– Attention to the adults of the family through support in the search for employment, accompanying the process, individual and group sessions with educators/psychologists and the SCHOOL FAMILY project is aimed at mothers and parents that are in risk of social exclusion or social exclusion. Monthly sessions trying to different areas of interest in the care and welfare of children in the family.
– Attention to the family through the delivery of perishable and non-perishable food to meet their basic needs power during the period of normalization.

These are the basic activities but can adapt a little to the schedules and needs of EVS.
In the mornings: (10:00 – 13:00)
– office work,
– food distribution ,
– food shopping for families of the program
– visiting schools, teachers and tutors
In the afternoon: (16:00 – 19:30)
– support school children
– workshops and games with children
Saturday morning: (11:00 a 13:00)
– Sports activities with children

Please apply with a CV at vicky.tena@1kilodeayudaparaeducacion.org ASAP!