EVS Vacancy – Latvia – 12 months

This is and EVS vancancy for 12 months in Latvia, working with children.

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Location: Preiļi, Latvia

Period: 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2017

Deadline 15 March 2016

We are NGO who runs an our own initiative – school for children (kindergarten and primary school), We are crazy active outdoors, we love to play and dance, we are open and kids are looking forward to teach Latvian language with hands.

All we do is with sparkles and in team work based. We are kind of proud how strong team can get.

We also have a great office where you can find your own spot on our couches!

Volunteer will be taking part in helping in kindergarten, will be given roles and take part in kindergarten activities, will have to create his/her workshops with kids and also for adults and whole families. Important part is going outside and outdoor learning, there we will also ask for volunteer to be part of.
Additionally volunteer will be also involved in NGOs projects and activities connected with sustainability, healthy living, dances, cooking and so forth more.

We would like to receive power point presentation that would give us an impression about you, what you love an like, why you think this project would work for you.
Email: pilniedriba@gmail.com

We are looking for someone who:
Ready to share love and passion
Likes to be the tallest in the room
Finds hide & seek crazy entertaining
Ready to come up with games, activities, workshops, initatives
Doesn’t melt at +25C and doesn’t freeze at -25C
Find wellington boots fashionable
Find forest the best NY’s party place
Trusts in fulfilling and crazy ideas
Is ready to experience small town beauty
Friends with social media and multimedia tools
In love with life
Knows English or Russian