Urgent Call for 2 EVS volunteers in Bulgaria

Bulgaria EVSTopic: Sustainabledevelopment, Renewable power sources, Environment.

Venue: Tryavna, Bulgaria.

Duration: 1st of March-1st of December 2016.

Deadline: As soon as possible

Our objective is to empower the main pillars of the society – young people, adults, business and authorities – to cooperate with each other in order to build a better, sustainable and safe future for everybody.

We need 2 volunteers with EU citizenship! We already have 2 Romanian, 2 Spanish, 2 Italian and 2 Hungarian volunteers, but if anybody of those countries is interested, please apply. 

Hosting organization: Промяната е в Tеб / The Change is in You 

Accommodation: fully equipped and covered by the hosting organization. http://stefani.tryavna.biz/

Weekly activity duration: 30 hours/week.

Insurance: full health insurance covered by the hosting NGO. About the tasks and more info, just follow the link –http://cya.tryavna.eu/en/projects/evs-2/

If you are interested, send Motivation letter and short CV to stanimir.chukov@gmail.com