EVS Vacancy in Turkey – 6 months – approved project

This is a call for volunteers for an already approved project in Turkey, called “Fade-Up the Voice of Youth”. The project involves youth information and leisureTurkey call for EVS project vacancy activities, implementing projects. 

Location: Çankırı, Turkey

Period: 20/03/2016 – 21/10/2016

Deadline: 29th February 2016

EU Department and Project Coordination Center gives technical support to organizations and institutions who prepare projects, makes administrative assistance, helps them participate as partners in current projects and ensures the fulfillment of the project leadership and adviser when necessary.

NGOs and youngsters from high schools and universities whose age ranges are suitable for youth projects are given periodic trainings in a year to benefit effectively from national and international funding sources and are provided support for participation in active life.

– give trainings to teachers and NGOs
– arrange sessions for partner search
– provide support for teachers and NGOs to prepare projects
– provide help during the implementation of the projects
– support youngsters to prepare their own youth projects.
– give information about EU Programmes.
– run national and international projects.

We are also the department of Çankırı Provincial Directorate of National Education, which is local authority and responsible for educational institutions in the province of Çankırı. We are Eurodesk Contact Point as well.

The main activities to be carried out weekly by the volunteer are as follows;

– Office work (Helping with the works related to projects, trainings, organizations and communication activities),
– Compiling the proper subject for youth projects,
– Social networking activities about projects,
– Visiting the Youth Center and helping young people to involve in the projects,
– Visiting the schools around the region implementing EU projects,
– Visit the schools follow the EU projects in the area, monitoring of social media activities related to the Project,
– Potential projects to be contacted with partners from different European countries,
– Contacting possible project partners in different European countries,
– Participation in Project Cycle Management trainings.

We receive applications to abonsekiz@yahoo.com

Please send us CV and motivation letter to the project.

Suitable candidates will be invited to have a skype meeting.

Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovakia, Poland, East Italy, Austria, Chech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia are the suitable countries.