EVS vacancy in Serbia

EVS VACANCY find EVSMix & Match – European dimension to national realities of voluntary service

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Period: 07/03/2016 – 31/12/2016

Deadline: 3rd of March 2016

Young Researchers of Serbia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1976, whose main aims are active participation of young people to sustainable society development, youth scientific creativity and volunteerism, environmental protection and education. We organised hundreds of research and NFE programmes in various areas of social and natural sciences, international voluntary service projects – EVS and workcamps, and other projects for reaching these aims.

We closely cooperate with numerous international/national partners of various profile (youth work, volunteerism and environmental protection from different fields). Our volunteer exchange programme alone exists for 25 years, through which we exchange 1000 volunteers yearly (20-25 EVS yearly, since 2002) and coordinate informal network of 14 voluntary service organisations in Serbia, build volunteerism strategies, policies and recognition of competencies gained through volunteering for improving the environment for volunteering in Serbia (a member of the National Working Group for development of volunteerism strategies and legislation), and on international level through membership in the bellow mentioned networks, especially Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations, where Vicepresident for the past 5 years, and from where formal partnerships for this project have been drawn.

YRS is a member of: CCIVS – Coordinative Committee of International Voluntary Service, YEE – Youth and Environment Europe, ANPED – Northern Alliance for Sustainability, CEEWEB – Central and East European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, and a partner of the network Service Civil International – SCI in Serbia. YRS is one of the founding members of the following networks: SEEYN – South East European Youth Network, National youth Council in Serbia. Holding positions in several international and national working bodies and committees.

Have a look at the presentation: https://prezi.com/-ve-x8loqckv/evs-journey-of-9-future-friends/

European Voluntary Service (1/3-31/12/2016) of 9 volunteers coming to Serbia from Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Poland, Spain and Belgium, all members of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations.

The common denominator to project partners is International Voluntary Service (IVS), particularly workcamps and EVS as tools for youth active participation and local sustainable development. 10 partners organise 350+ international short-term voluntary projects – workcamps, which host 4400+ international volunteers and send/host 100+ EVS volunteers yearly.

We miss a German volunteer, but anyone from the mentioned countries can apply, just – hurry! No need to have a sending organisation, as we already have sending partners to connect you with. Apply by sending us your CV and the application form (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1MdJZbvLE_uWFB0WFU0NHFiZVk/view?usp=sharing) to vss@mis.org.rs ASAP. We would love if you could start the first week of March for a 10 months service!

The project is already approved and due to a cancellation we have 1 place more, but the volunteer should start the first week of March!