Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Netherlands

Contact person: Hanske Mulder Netherlands EVS call for volunteers Find EVS 2

Coordinating organisation: Mission House

Host: Protestantse Kerk Amsterdam:

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Deadline: 02/03/2016

Start: 01/09/2016

End: 30/06/2017

We have a opportunity for volunteers from within Europe!Do you want to do an EVS year but don’t want to work in just one project? Well in the Mission House you have the possibility to choose from around 20 projects in and around the city center of Amsterdam. From those 20 projects you can work in 5. After visiting and getting acquainted to their work it is you who decide where you want to invest your time and talents.

You also will live in a house with 8 other volunteers from around Europe and share in community life with them. You will have your own bedroom but share a bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining room.

The main role of the volunteer is to be an active member of the Mission House community and to support 4 or 5 social projects with the work that they do. In the first few weeks of the service, the volunteer follows a special introductory programme, which includes teambuilding activities and visits to the social projects.
The volunteer’s tasks & responsibilities during his/her service will be adjusted to his/her preferences, experience & skills, age and language skills. Once the volunteer is more settled and able to communicate in Dutch, he/she can take on more responsibilities.

The tasks of the volunteer are divided over three main areas:
1) At the social projects
The volunteer will work approx. 32 hours per week at 4 or 5 social projects in the city of Amsterdam. These projects include drop-in centres for homeless people, children’s and youth clubs, a hospice for terminally ill people, a service centre for undocumented immigrants and pastoral care for seamen & drug addicts. Their tasks at these projects are in general:

– giving personal attention to the clients: making people feel welcome, serving coffee and tea, having a chat, involving them in activities etc.
– doing small household chores: making coffee & tea, preparing meals, cleaning the tables, doing the dishes etc.
– organising and running group activities
2) Mission House community
The volunteer actively takes part in the community life of the Mission House, which includes:
– running the household of the Mission House (cooking, cleaning etc.)
– eating together
– attending the weekly community moments (house meeting, Zinmoment and leisure evening)
– sharing your experiences, way of life and faith with the other community members



The tasks vary from project to project but you will be a part of the team and help the team in their work in the projects. This could be something as simple as serving coffee and listening but it could also be running an after school club for kids. In the house you live together and this is an important aspect of the year. You don’t get an individual allowance for food but you get a shared budget. Every night one person from the group takes it turn to cook for those who are not working. Every week you have a household task such as cleaning the kitchen, bathroom etc. There is also a house meeting once a week, a moment of reflection and every Sunday night is a house night where we do something together.


We ask that volunteers are: aged 17-27? Available to live and work full-time in the Mission House for 10 months? Interested in Faith and open to discovering you talents? Looking for something more than ‘just’ a Gap Year? Looking for something a little more meaningful? Motivated to make a difference in the lives of those who often have nobody?


If you are interested in applying then first check out the website then fill in the application form which you can download from:


Themes: Equal opportunities, Anti-racism/xenophobia, Anti-drugs/substance abuse, Social exclusion (in general), Youth leisure, Other
Targets: Youth and children, Elderly, Disabled people, Homeless, Unemployed, Migrants, Local Community, Other