Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain

Spain EVS vacancy Find EVS 1Contact person: Cristina Sobrino

Organisation: Concejalía de Juventud de Majadahonda

Location: Majadahonda (Madrid), Spain

Deadline: 02/03/2016

Start: 07/09/2016

End: 07/07/2017

Youth Centre “Príncipe de Asturias”, as part of Youth Service of the Majadahonda City Council, aims towards activities for youth in special regards to:

– Promotion of different ways of creation and cultural expression
– Acquisition of specific knowledge and abilities
– Creation of meeting place for communications and interrelations
– Offering educational possibilities for leisure time
– Responding to the demands of municipal services
– Inspiring youth to come to Youth Center in order to get to know and use resources at their disposal
– Creating meeting places for personal relations and participation out of courses

The services offered at the “Príncipe de Asturias” Youth Centre are:

– Youth Information Office.
– Office for International Programmes (OPIM)
– Majadahonda TEC (technological culture and development of digital skills)
– Local Voluntaray Service Department.
– School of Animation
– Cultural workshops: dance, theatre photography, music, etc.
-Spaces for cultural creation, study rooms, exhibit space, rehearsal rooms for music bands and meeting rooms for associations.

Due to the characteristics of the Centre in which voluntary activities are going to take place, volunteers have these possibilities:

– Learning about youth policies and actions at local and European level
– Interacting with youth from the area, thus ensuring the intercultural dimension and promoting European awareness and citizenship which are essential aspects inherent to aims of the EVS
– Developing their social and personal skills
– Learning Spanish language trough intensive Spanish course for foreigners offered by the Official Language School
– Developing a personal project. We will encourage and support volunteers to propose and implement activities related to youth of the area, according to their interests, abilities and skills.

We want to host 2 EVS volunteers for a project with duration of 10 months. Volunteering is performed in afternoons, from Tuesday to Saturday or Monday to Friday, depending on the activity in which volunteer will take part in, with 2 free days per week. Holidays: 2 days per month of project, plus local and national holidays. Participation time: approximately 35 h/week, in which language course is included. Volunteers will live in Majadahonda, so they can integrate and relate with local community.


The EVS project consists of two parts, activities performed by both volunteers together and specific activity for each volunteer. Activities performed together: •English Language Workshops. The volunteers will prepare, perform and cheer up this activity, with different groups of young people from 12 to 30 years old. This will be one of the most important tasks of the volunteers. They will bring their own styles and energy to liven up discussions and inspire participants to learn English. •Creation of promotional materials for the activities. •Supporting the promotion of Erasmus + and other programmes for youth. •Participation in information campaigns. •Organization of activities to raise awareness about different aspects of volunteer’s home country, culture and society. •Making videos of activities of the Youth Center and a specific video about the EVS experience in Majadahonda •Creating a blog and writing about their experiences as volunteers during the whole project. •Developing personal project in relation to aims of our organization and interests and skills of the volunteer. •Other activities in the field of youth. Specific activities: We offer two different activities, one for each volunteer: 1.SUPPORT AT THE OFFICE FOR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES OF MAJADAHONDA: oTo inform and assess about the different possibilities to work, study, participate in language courses, workcamps or internships abroad. oTo organise activities that raise knowledge and awarness on other cultures, societies and languages of volunteer’s home country and other European countries. oTo organise and inspire activities of the Youth Center. oTo develop talks and courses about “Erasmus +” Programme or other European programmes that can be useful for young people. 2.SUPPORT AT ”MAJADALAB: DIGITAL CREATION LAB”. oTo be part of the LAB team and take part in following tasks: designing activities, reflecting on possibilities of the area, proposing new ideas, materials management, monitoring and evaluation and support paperwork. oTo create promotional materials and support the dissemination of information:posters, media, website, press report oAnimation of LAB: to support projects of the users and guide their work, propose new projects related to robotics,3D printing and digital communication,connect users, ensure the proper use of space, etc.


We seek volunteers that are: – From Erasmus + Programme countries – Interested in youth policies and actions at local and European level, especially those related with the transmission of values from non-formal education approaches. – Proactive, dynamic, tolerant and flexible and with good communication and team work skills. – Good skills in English are very desirable for the English conversation workshops. – Interested in learning Spanish language, since it will be necessary for a successful integration in the Youth Center and the local community. Basic knowledge of Spanish is an advantage but it’s not necessary – In the case of the activities of “Majadalab”, the volunteer should be, in addition, interested in technology and innovation and some knowledge on computer programming (code) is desirable.


If you are interested in our project, please send us your CV and motivation letter before 2th ofMarch to: If you have any questions about the project or application process don’t hesitate to contact us.