EVS Vacancy in Italy – Approved project

IN.V.E.N.T.@S.P.O.R.T.Approved EVS project starting soon

Location: Sandrigo (Italy)

Period: 15/04/2016 – 15/02/2017

Deadline 10 March 216

Cooperativa Margherita is a non-profit organization and social enterprise based on the principle of mutuality established in 1987 and offering specific services arising in response to social needs, with a strong vocation for multi-level integration and development of the people involved.

Currently, we provide different groups suffering from exclusion with lifelong learning, training and support. They are mainly: children, youth, elderly and persons with disabilities; but the Cooperative deals also with different issues focusing on cooperation, women at work, the economic crisis, human rights and migration.

The Volunteer will serve in our centre for elderly “IN GAJA” which hosts elderly people with Alzheimer problems. These persons have different levels of difficulty in remembering data and events of their past, but also mental/physical hardships in the self-expression and in the communication of their feelings and needs. Main tasks will be:
– Coaching in practical/creative laboratories (cooking, crafts, cognitive stimulation);
– Accompanying during transport service;
– Support and presence during walks outside (guiding the wheelchair or arm in arm with the users);
– In the moment of the meal or during the tea- or coffee- break, help to prepare and serve the food, but also to feed the users;
– Sorting the kitchen and the centre after the activities/laboratories;
– Collaborating in drafting new initiatives.

Send an email with your CV and a motivation letter (max one page) in english to: evs@cooperativamargheita.org