Urgent! EVS vacancy in Bulgaria starting in April

“Let`s build the future together”Bulgaria EVS

Location: Tryavna, Bulgaria

Period: 9 months, starting as soon as possible

Deadline: ASAP, before 31 March 2016

Since the registration of the association (06.10.2014), we have been officially partners in a number of international training courses, youth exchanges, PBAs and seminars.
Besides the association`s experience, the key staff have around 8 years of experience with non-formal education and projects (Youth in Action, Leonardo Da Vinci, Erasmus Mundus, etc.).
We work on different projects in the field of ecology, support and integration of people with disabilities, social inclusion, non-formal education and work with kids at risk and youngsters from rural areas. We cooperate with schools and try to popularize non-formal education among educational institutions. One of our main tasks is to promote volunteering and work with volunteers. We work together with the schools in Tryavna on common projects in the field of ecology, education, sport, arts and leisure time.

Education and leisure time:
• We often organize informational meetings with teachers and/or youngster to promote the mobility of young people around Europe, using the opportunities which the Erasmus+ program offers.
• We organize seminars with young people and through the methods of non-formal education we give information and discuss topics of interest for contemporary youth. Thus, we also manage to promote family values, social values and European values.
• A local initiative of ours is a theater where people with disabilities and people without disabilities play together and support each other.
• Another one is a sport`s festival in which kids will play in teams together with their parents. We want to get parents more involved into their children’s everyday activities. In cooperation with Gabrovo info centre we are organizing another sports event in late spring 2016.
• “Fairy tales outside” aims at taking children away of the computer and the new technologies and bringing them somewhere in nature, where they listen to or tell fairy tales. Both love to nature and love to reading are taught.
• Having in mind the importance of literacy about developing a good professional career and the sad statistics about the level of illiteracy in Bulgaria, on 8 September, the International Literacy Day, we realized an initiative under the motto: “Show that you are literate! Write in Cyrillic! Be Bulgarian”. Our volunteers, together with the kindergartens and the Social Rehabilitation and Integration Centre in Tryavna prepared 500 Bulgarian flags with the motto and gave them out as a present and a reminder to random citizens. They interviewed people in the streets and people in institutions about the level of education in Bulgaria, what the problems of education and illiteracy are, what should be done, etc. We had big success in this campaign, because many people showed interest and great concern on this topic.
• In cooperation with the National High school of Fine Arts we are organizing a graffiti competition.
• In the field of graffiti, modern music and dancing we are working on a common project together with “Baby People”, UK.

• “Green School”- an initiative of ours, where all the lectures are outside the classroom and aimed to be more practical rather than theoretical.
• We often have some eco initiatives, such as cleaning eco paths, lakes and rivers, art from garbage, etc.
• With the support of local people, donors and the municipality of Tryavna, we are planning to build an eco-shelter for travelers and a permaculture garden. In the garden we would teach kids how to grow food and live healthily. The idea of the “shelter” is to give a chance to the local youngsters to meet new cultures and learn new things. We would offer a bed for free to travelers only if in return they do something for the community (open discussion about their countries and culture, volunteering work in the permaculture garden, support with the cleaning of the eco paths around the town, etc.). The shelter will be used also for exchanges of youngsters from different towns, which will have the possibility to visit Tryavna, meet their peers/coevals from Tryavna and get accommodation for free while learning “how to be greener” in their daily lives and the possibilities for traveling and studying provided by Erasmus+ program.
• We work together with some of the biggest environmental NGOs in Bulgaria in order to promote healthy lifestyle, to raise awareness and educate youngsters about environmental issues and how to reduce the usage of energy and decrease the level of pollution in our daily lives.

At the present moment we have an EVS project running. Two volunteers from Italy are going to spend 12 months in Tryavna. Among their tasks are: supporting the daily activities of the kids in the kindergartens and the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration; promoting the mobility of youngsters; helping with the eco initiatives; helping with the “green school” lectures provided by the association, etc.
We collaborate with Tryavna Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration also in the social sphere and volunteering. We often take youngsters from the Centre, who are either disabled or in bad social condition, to participate in international projects. Our goal is to integrate them into society and prove that they are not different. We are proud that those kids have some amazing abilities which help them show their skills among others (e.g. – one of our participants has impressive memory. He can remember the names and dates of births of more than 30 people within few minutes and even give details of famous people who born on the same date, what they were famous for and how and when they died).
The projects we have been working on are directed mainly to volunteers and include training courses with experienced Bulgarian and foreign educators, trainers and professionals. We are partners with a lot of European associations with great experience, but we are ready to welcome any other organizations with the same or similar activities and goals.

We are working on a few more project proposals:
– “My health – My life”: TC about the healthy lifestyle and use of methods from meditation and relaxation from the Eastern cultures to improve it.
– “We build the future together”: long term EVS project about building a self-sustainable educational center with permaculture home garden and establishing a local bio market. (more about it here – http://cya.tryavna.eu/en/projects/evs-2/ )
– “Employment: Mission Possible”- TC about youth unemployment.
– “My life, my rights, my human rights”- YE about the basic rights each European citizen has as well as the rights each human being has.

Project Activities:

The main activities of the project can be divided into two groups – construction and working in the eco-center and participation in the activities of the association.
First group of activities planned:
1. First phase – preparatory work:
– Prepare an action plan: all participants will discuss the way they will act and prepare a plan “step by step” to frame the time set for construction of the center.
– Activities related to fundraising for the project: the task will be set to a few people who have more knowledge in this area and know how to use all possible ways to raise funds, such as Yatoo, crowdfunding, donors (companies and individuals) etc.
– Constant communication with those who are interested in the project – institutions, young people from the country and traveling nomads who wish to join the project and donate their labor.
2. The second phase – from words to actions:
– The construction and renovation of buildings: all participants will be involved in this activity. In the process, tasks will be divided accordingly – girls will be responsible for lighter activities such as painting, cleaning, organizing the permaculture garden and men – for heavy construction work.
3. Third phase – closing activities:
– After opening the eco-center, we will organize a meeting where all the “helpers” will receive letters of thanks from the Association. There will also be a press conference where we will tell the story of the whole project – information on Erasmus +, and in particular EVS, the steps we have taken during the work on the eco-center, etc. Everything will be accompanied by photos and videos, presentations and other funny stories that each of us would share.
– Organize meetings and trainings with youth from the city on various topics. Representatives from different countries will also have the chance to present their country, culture, history and traditions.
– Construction and maintenance of permaculture home garden.
– Preparation of plans of training and lessons to be conducted with young people from the city.
– Dissemination of information among schools in Bulgaria about the center and what it offers.
– Welcome and assist nomads and groups of students that have come to visit and use the center.

An example of the methods and what we want to create: from Wood, from Straw bales , from Sandbags or from Plastic

Second group of activities planned:
1. Information meetings: will be organized in schools, participation in them will be open to all students from first to twelfth grade.
2. Detour eco and cycling paths: weekly detour routes with volunteers from the association and members of “Velo Club” Association – Tryavna. These patrols will also include young people from schools for educational purposes. The tours would be open, so any volunteer, tourist or guest of the town would be able to join. The EVS volunteers will be trained by climbers and mountain guides and informed and well aware they could expect along the way (flora and fauna). The volunteers will also undergo first aid training by the Red Cross in order to ensure the safety of all.
3. Workshops organized jointly with Tryavna Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration.: participants will be aged 6 -16, the activities will be carried out in a multi-sensory room in the center.
4. Workshop, organized jointly with “Kalina” Kindergarten and “Svetlina” Kindergarten – the participants will be children aged 4-7. Activities will be carried out in the appropriate places in the kindergarten or outdoor.
5. Extracurricular activities organized by the association for school children – age of the participants will be 7-18. Depending on the activities, the places will be different. In case we are out of school, the group will include teachers and/or parents to help with the younger students. Some of the planned activities are:
– Sports day for families. Its purpose is to show parents how important and funny it is to spend more time with their children and get closer to their life.
– “Treasure hunt” in the city to get to know the history and secrets of the city. The initiative is linked to institutions such as museums, galleries, Municipality.
– Monthly club “I breathe,” in which through games children’s knowledge on different topics would be tested and they would have the opportunity to learn a lot of curious facts about: the universe, cinema and music, Indians, mystery, etc. The topics will be very diverse and, if necessary, children will be masked appropriately. The games will be held outdoors.

Send Motivation Letter and short CV to stanimir.chukov@gmail.com


website – http://cya.tryavna.eu/en/projects/evs-2/
e-mail – stanimir.chukov@gmail.com