Urgent! EVS Vacancy for Romanian Volunteer in Cyprus

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Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Period: 01/04/2016- 30/09/2016

Deadline: 16 March 2016 ASAP

The Nautilos Search and Rescue Team, a nonprofit and NGO, was established to protect and save lives. A completely volunteer based organization with the simple aim to attempt to save lives from accidents at sea. Our objective is to train the public in safety procedures, to prevent accidents from occurring and to assist victims of accidents to reach safety.

A second and equally important objective is protecting our environment. The Nautilos SAR Team undertakes several beach an sea clean up operations each year.

Other than the beach clean-up operations we also undertake several attempts at marine conservation and protection. We study the conservation of marine life and research the effects of climate change and over fishing on our marine ecosystems. We also conduct research in several vital fields. We are also the team in charge of the diving at an archaeological ancient ship wreck.

Additionally we undertake project to do with the youth of our country. We try to keep our young people active in various activities so that they may interact with other young people and also people from other countries. Many aspects of our project include cultural interaction with other European and non European organisations.

As part of the activities of our youth center we undertake a variety of activities for young people, from language learning, to various clubs and educational seminars and workshops. Our organization has a very active environmental approach and it is one of our priorities to preserve and protect our environment. As most of the damage to our environment is based on human behavior we have developed this EVS project in line with
our other EVS project to allow youth from other countries to volunteer at our organization and work with local youth on developing education, activities and knowledge on environmental conservation and protection. The ideas is that youth identify the problems with greater emphasis on bad habits that young people have regarding their approach to
conservation. The project will undertake a variety of activities from outdoor activities like beach and forest clean-ups to creating awareness of ways to reduce our carbon footprint.
The main focus of our project is youth in our local community but also for adults who have become so use to ignoring their bad habits. We want to create better awareness of the environmental problems and give the local people the information and knowledge they need to make more informed choices and take action which is friendlier to our environment.
Our project will allow our current volunteers from Cyprus and our new volunteers from other countries to work on ways and projects to get our youth more aware of the problems. We will create events and activities to create awareness of the problems and the solutions.
Our EVS volunteers will learn all these methods and will also teach other members of the community to do these tasks. Our volunteers will work in various areas of the abovementioned project and will also work in the various areas of our youth center and interact with our local community and promote the idea of environmental conservation
and at the same time help to promote a more environmentally friendly EU.

If you are from Romania and are interested in participating in this project, send an email to yellow_shirts_ro@hotmail.com together with your CV and motivation letter until 16 March 2016