Urgent! EVS vacancy for French volunteer in Croatia

EVS in Croatia for french volunteers Approved EVS project starting soon

Location: Vukovar CROATIA

Period: 01/04/2016 – 31/08/2016

Deadline: 20 March 2016

The volunteer will collaborate with the Youth Peace Group Danube on the project Solidarity to progress which aims through organization of educational and cultural activities within Youth club, and in direct work with young people that includes organization and implementation of capacity building activities of young people in local community for active engagement in community, offering them opportunity to learn, think and starting initiative, in the same time strengthening their competences for employment, mobility, promoting European citizenship, long-term contribute to prevention of social exclusion and youth mobility and in same time to employment.

1) Home Visit – volunteer will visit senior persons and help them with their everyday needs (house maintenance, houskeeping, small repairs, painting walls, cutting grass, etc.) 2) Social activities for seniors – volunteer will organize social events (creative workshops, exchange of recipies, learning activities, courses, etc.) for senior people. This activity shall be organized in cooperation with retirenment homes and NGOs dealing with seniors. 3) Creative workshops with children – volunteer will organize and implement creative workshops to develop competences for creative work with children and volunteers, as well as organizational and leadership skills of volunteers. 4) Social activities in the youth club – organization, preparation and implementation of social activities (movie nights, dinner party game, philosophical café) to encourage social engagement of youth 5) Educational workshops – will be held in the form of exchange – comic workshops and workshops of graphic drawing, music workshops, exchange photos and video recording) 6) Entrepreneurial skills development course – will be held for groups of unemployed young people. Activity includes 5-days of training, CV and motivation letter development to a group of youth. 7) Info desk – will be implemented through direct communication with young people in the youth club, schools, through the collection and distribution of information by setting the content for the web portal http://www.zamlade.net and social networks. Inform young people about their rights and opportunities such as: mobility, volunteering, studying, the trainings and information about employment opportunities, leisure and sport, promote EVS, youth exchanges and camps.

For April begining Contact : Pierre PERRA at p.perra@mlve.org