EVS Vacany in Estonia – Peredoku

Perekodu SA (Centre for disabled children and/or children without parental care) Perekodu

Location: Viljandi, Estonia

Period: 01/09/2016 – 01/09/2017

Deadline: 29 March 2016

Perekodu SA is an institution with different departments and services for children and young people in Viljandi County. It has different departments for orphanage and for children with special needs. Foundation Perekodu has hosted international volunteers since 2005. We have a long time experience in accepting long-term volunteers and we really appreciate these experiences.

Regular activities in Foundation Perekodu are aimed to provide everyday care and counselling, helping to raise children’s and young people awareness of themselves.

It is run in cooperation with the specialists such as therapists, psychiatrists, social workers and youth-police. The target group for disabled children and youth is in age from 2 to 20. There are around 40 children with severe mental/physical disability. This institution combines a nursery, school, rehabilitation center and an alternative home for those who need it. There are 6 family homes for orphans and children without parental care, where in each are living 8-9 children. We’d love to give them possibility to experience similar lifestyle as their contemporaries in biological families.

Each family lives in a separate house and have their own educators. Most of the children go to school, kindergarten during the daytime. There are around 75 staff members all together in the institution.

The main tasks of the volunteer are looking after children, helping social workers in their daily needs and organising different activities for the kids. Volunteer’s tasks depend very much on his/her interests and skills. Most of the kids need a mentor in the class or in free time. (S)he can be hands or legs for the children in a wheelchair, helping to dress, with feeding or some other basic needs what it is needed.
With some children it is possible to go further than just basic help. It is possible to organise different  events, games, do handicraft, sport, go to the city,cinema or to do some music. Volunteer can also participate in study visits but also help to organise different outings and excursions. Volunteer is expected to be a friend and role model for these children and help them to understand delight of the life. It is important to teach these children to evaluate surrounding and to find their way in it.
Depending on the volunteers and children’s interests/abilities, following tasks can be adapted in each institution:
• arranging children’s leisure time (sports, games, etc);
• planning and running creative workshops (dance, music, theatre, handicraft, etc);
• looking after children and helping teachers in managing their daily needs;
• presenting his/her own country and culture as a part of the intercultural learning;
• assisting to arrange outings and excursions and taking part in those;
• playing with children
In the very beginning of the project volunteers will have orientation and introduction to the workplace and in all institution to find the best activities for him/herself. She/he will have a tutor, who helps/introduces work activities.

In order to apply, please fill out the EstYES application form and send it to evs@estyes.ee for selection process.

You can download the form from the following link:

The deadline to submit applications is 29th of March 2016.

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