EVS Vacancy in Estonia – Torva

Tõrva Kodu (Centre for disabled people)Estonia EVS vacancy Find EVS 2

Location: Tõrva, Estonia

Period: 01/09/2016 – 01/09/2017

Deadline: 29 March 2016

Tõrva Kodu provides 24-hours supported living for adults with mental and physical disabilities. There lives 60 adults- men and women aged 23-80 years. Ever day we work for one goal- that people who live with us have active and positive day no matter of their age, gender or disability. For that we are doing activities like felting, ceramics, sewing. We are also very active in sports like walking, games, dancing and activities like art and handicraft.

We are always standing for disabled people’s right to be involved in society and feel safe at home. We support every person to be as independent as they can. Tõrva Kodu is open in both ways- we encourage our clients to be active member of local community and we welcome families, trainees and volunteers to our home. Important part of our everyday life is finding work for our clients in local community. We support them to find work that they are able to do. We would like our clients to have possibilities to get in touch with the outside world and the local community.

The main task for volunteer in this project is helping clients in their everyday activities,
organizing different activities to them and supporting the staff with their work. The division of the tasks may be changed and adapted for certain volunteer, depending on his/her interests and skills. Volunteer will be encouraged to propose his/her personal projects/initiatives related to the theme of this EVS project which can be supported by the host and/or coordinating organisation.
The working time will be around 35 hours a week. Volunteer will have 2 days off per week
either during week or at the weekends. According to the volunteers skills and project needs priority tasks and more detailed working schedule (including holidays and periods of breaks) will be worked out together with the head of project and staff. Volunteers will be working under supervision and with support of staff.
A typical day would look like follows:
. the volunteer starts with planning the day with our activity coordinator
. sending part of the clients to activities and working with them in activities
. if necessary the volunteer helps out at lunch
. in the afternoon the volunteer with other staff take clients to activities or walking in the city.
. the volunteer will help clients go to the shop or have some more educative activities
Once a week the volunteer will accompany our clients in the local youth centre, where together with tutor and manager of the youth centre it is possible to carry out different activities. Youth centre offers great possibilities: play in skatepark, go on adventure trail, do drama club, play table tennis and hockey, use Internet (Our clients don’t have free access to Internet usually), organise events. The volunteer can go to the youth centre once a week with our younger clients (23-30 years old).
From 2016 we are working together with our subcompany SA Hea Hoog that provides longterm protected work centre service to our clients. 15 clients will go every day into work centre  to practice different jobs. Volunteer will company clients to the centre and helps clients in there.
In work centre is tree workers who are instructing clients.

In order to apply, please fill in the EstYES application form and send it to evs@estyes.ee for selection process.

You can find the application form from the following link:

The deadline to submit applications is 29th of March 2016.

More information and other open placements for EVS projects in Estonia: