Urgent! EVS Vacancy for Polish volunteer in Italy

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Location:  Nozza di Vestone (Brescia), Italy 

Period: 04/04/2016 – 04/01/2017

Deadline – 25 March 2016

Fondazione Angelo Passerini is a home for elderly people located in Nozza di Vestone (Brescia). The Home for elderly People is composed of four divisions on two floors for a total number of 99 beds. In our organization a centre for people suffering from Alzheimer is present with 24 available beds.

In addition to this, there is a Senior Centre that can host about 20 people.Furthermore, there is a Hospice with eight beds for terminal patients. The Foundation works on the territory for a service of ematic drawings by a convention set with the hospital of Desenzano del Garda. Fondazione Angelo Passerini has an agreement with the University of Brescia, the University of Verona and the University Cattolica of Brescia to host respectively students in geriatrics and apprentices in educationl sciences.

The structure consists of:

a low ground with a kitchen, a laundry, some administrative offices, a canteen, a gym for physiotherapy (open to non resident people, as well), a centre for 20 guests, the reception, the Senior Centre and a small church;

on the 1st floor there are the centre for Alzheimer patients and two other divisions for a total number of 79 guests, the infirmary, the doctors’ offices and the Hospice;

on the 2nd floor there are the stock of medicines and 3 small apartaments for the volunteers;

a buried floor/basament where the stocks and the death chambers are located.

The main activities in our organization are:

cooperating with the entertainment staff during outdoor and indoor activities;
reading and commenting on short stories, games whose aim is stimulation and reasoning, one-to-one entertainment through dialogue, caresses and smiles; help in the orientation to reality, sensorial stimulation, activities for encouraging relations among elderly people, among guests and the whole organization; activities in groups with the support of multimedia instruments;
supporting the staff during the moments of surveillance or during the main meals of the guests.

The activities are organized as follows:

Stimulation of memory and attention through

 repetition training, recognition or completion of lists of words, couples of words, numbers
 sequences of events to reorder according to a logical connection
 reading and comment on short stories taken from book and newspapers
 enigmatic;
 Puzzle;
 linguistic games (similarities, vocabulary);
 vision and comment on a movie;
 group of reminiscence in which elderly people live again their life stimulated and helped by the information collected in the personal dossier or by personal objects.

Therapy of orientation to reality through the information about year, month, day, time, place that are provided to elderly people through the calendar at the beginning and during the day usually before the reading of a newspaper;
Discussion group and the reworking of past experiences with a special attention to the enhancement of the emotive situation and their self confidence and stimulation od reduction of the depressive feelings;
Work therapy consists in creating objects related to an event or a project arranged with elderly people (for example: the restoration of objects with the decoupage technique, knitting or works with the salty/maize dough);
Socialization activities: parties, songs, dances, group exercises, bingo and quizzes.

Entertainment activities organised outside the structure or with external collaboration (supported by the staff of our organisation):

Excursions, sea stays, outings to the market or to the mall;
Visits to parents, friends or other structures,
Organisation of cultural and recreational events in which the elderly people are protagonists or audience;
Participation to events organised by the community or other institutions.

The volunteers will have the opportunity to create their own project with people suffering from Alzheimer (supporting them for example during the session of music-therapy or art-therapy) and with other elderly people (suggesting creative activities as manual works, music that could stimulate the cognitive functions and memory).
The volunteers will have to follow the instructions given by the person in charge of the project in order to carry out their duty and to take care of elderly people at their best. In addition to this, they will have to be in possession of a medical certificate
The entertainers’ coordinator will decide with the volunteers the concretization of a project and, during the equipe meeting, it is offered to them the possibility to express their opinions on their own and on others’ projects. Taking part in the monthly equipe meetings the volunteers will have the opportunity to deal with qualified staff to acquire specific skills and above all, to mature a professional experience.

The day in the Home for Elderly People is organized in two shifts, as follows:

Morning shift:

8.30 assistance for the breakfast helping elderly people;
9-11:00 entertainment activities (in the morning the local newspaper is usually read and commented with elderly people, going to the mass in the church inside the home, outings to the market are organised when the weather is sunny);
11-12 assistance for the lunch supporting elderly people;
12-14.30 lunch break in the canteen of the structure;

Afternoon shift:

14.30-17.30 entertainment (in the afternoon to elderly people are usually proposed activities as bingo, knitting, puzzle, crosswords, discussion groups, creation of objects during the work therapy, singing, music therapy, theme parties and birthday parties, outings to the shopping centre are organized, etc);
17.30-18.30 assistance for the dinner supporting elderly people.

Please send an e-mail to the EVS sending organization of this project:

Contact person: Natalia Podbielska
Tel. 0048 32 203 12 18
Mail: natalia@bonafides.pl

Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides
ul. Warszawska 19
40-009 Katowice

or to the coordinating organization of this project:

Contact person: Mauro Guaschi
tel +39 030 2808350
Mail: mauro.guaschi@cooptempolibero.it

Tempo Libero Società Cooperativa Sociale – ONLUS
Via Spalto San Marco 37/bis
25121 Brescia (Italy)

Please notice that the deadline is urgent and we need applications ASAP.